Sisterly Advice

Released at: December 13, 2020 by Meana Wolf
Youve been trying to stop the thoughts. But they always come back. You cant shake them. Youve tried everything to stop thinking about your sister sexually. Therapy helps a little Youve even been reading self help books. But you cant stop masturbating to her Thinking about her has always been this dirty secret the more you tried to shove it down deep in the back of your mind the more uncontrollable the urges got. She knows somethings up with you you Guys have always been so close. She presses you.. What do you talk to your therapist about? You cant tell her shed freak but she keeps pressing you over and over tickling you her tits are bouncing up and down in your face as she playfully mounts you. Your cock is so hard you cant think straight suddenly the truth escapes your lips. Youre full of dread but she doesnt react the way you think. She says, Maybe youre not the only one whos fucked up around here.

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