Six Sporty Girls

Released at: June 7, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Six girls assemble indoors for sports lessons. They wait for the Headmaster in their uniforms and white knee socks. When he arrives he starts them off with knee bends but, by the time the group gets to jumping exercises, Sophie is rebelling. She is adamantly refusing to participate, so the Headmaster removes her from the group and she is paddled, loudly. She is returned to the group, to whom she shows her red paddled bottom, and they all continue exercising. But when Headmaster Tom leaves the room for a moment the girls begin giggling and playing around. He returns and realizes this behavior demands punishment. He paddles the two leading culprits he caught and as they lean over we see their white regulation panties. Eventually Headmaster Tom runs out of patience with these girls. They are all made to lean over, pull down their panties and receive the cane. He leaves them facing the wall with their panties around their thighs. But only after they promise that this behavior will never happen again or next time the punishment will be much harder.

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