Slutty Intention 4

Released at: January 27, 2014 by N-Studio
Slutty Intentions are worth more than you think... Here, in its fourth of its series, we'll see a forceful woman being sure she gets her clit sucked and then her holes fucked. After he cums, she just tosses his dick to the side and laughs! Haha. In the other scene, we have a sexy masseuse who takes it too far. You can see he originally just wanted his back worked on, but she burrows her face into his back-side! She has him roll over and begins sucking him till he tosses her on his face. The action gets deeper!

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Scene1: 00:00:00 - 00:08:18 (8:18)

Scene2: 00:08:18 - 00:18:10 (9:52)