Slutty Times At Innocent High 9

Released at: April 4, 2016 by Innocent High
Class is in session but that doesn't mean these teachers are saved by the bell! The ninth installment of "Slutty Times At Innocent High" feature more cock hungry students ready to get their extra credit in sex education! It's all a hands-on sexperience for the hung teachers and five nympho neophytes! Angel went to Mr. Remington's class after school because her schedule was wrong. She wanted to be in the same classes as her boyfriend but he didn't think it was acceptable. He told Angel it was out of his control and he couldn't do anything about it. She started flirting with him and eventually showed him why she deserves it - grabbing his dick through his pants and taking off her shirt. It wasn't long until Angel was on her knees with Mr. Remington's fat cock in her mouth! Then Angel said she wanted him to fuck her as she got on top of his desk and got her 18 year old pussy eaten! Mr. Remington fucked his slutty student until she squirted all over his massive rod! Angel and her tight twat got completely destroyed - then she sucked and jerked his cock until it exploded all over her face! A once in a lifetime trip to the White House isn't complete without sneaking away from your tour group and taking selfies in the Oval Office right? At least, that's what Cadence thought until she got caught by Secret Service! As she was about to get sent down the river she dropped to her knees and said the magic words - please sir, I will do anything - and out came some government dick! The agent called in a false alarm while Cadence sucked on his raging boner and after getting the all clear Cadence got fucked right on the Commander in Chief's desk! They also made sure to hit his couches and chairs for good measure! Instead of just selfies, Cadence also walked away from this trip with a mouth full of cum and one hell of a story. Don't think anyone will believe her though... Cassidy is back from summer vacation and that means her job as the teacher's assistant starts anew! When Cassidy gets to Mr. Remington's class, he notices something different about her - her huge round titties! She sees him staring at her rack so she grabs his hand and places it on one of her tits. After that, he goes nuts, sucking and licking them, which made Cassidy horny enough to get on her knees and suck on his large shaft. Mr. Remington put her on top of his desk and drilled into her teen pussy and she loved every second of it! Cassidy's huge tits were bouncing up and down when she was riding his big stick. Cassidy got a load of her teacher's cum all over her tits to finish the job! She's the best teacher's assistant we've ever seen! Mr. Remington found a sign saying to meet in the classroom after class - he was suspicious so he decided to go to the classroom. That's where he found Gabriella on her knees giving another student a BJ! She said she would give it to him for free if she doesn't have to get in trouble! Gabriella got on her knees and gobbled down on the teacher's big meat-sicle - but that's not all Mr. Remington wanted! He bent this bad little student over his desk and shoved his huge rod into her tight teeny pussy until she was begging for his cum! Mr. Remington exploded in and around Gabriella's mouth and then assigned her some homework to practice deep throating a dildo! See you next time, Gabriella! Jessie went to Mr. Diamond after school to get his signature to sign a form for her to transfer to a prep school. At first he told her he won't sign it because she never comes to class, but after she walked away with a cute frown he called her back and asked what she could bring to the table if he signs it. Jessie says she has a lot to bring to the table and unbuttons her blouse while dropping to her knees and mouth fucking his cock! Mr. Diamond ate her 18 year old pussy before pounding into her tight twat! She took every inch of his dick like a good little student while screaming and moaning with pleasure! Finally Jessie dropped to her knees and happily accepted his load all over her pretty face!

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