Soaking Wet

Released at: January 15, 2021 by Pussy Babes
With a cast of hardcore lesbian sluts that includes the likes of Chloe Lynn, Ela Darling and Samantha Bentley, you pretty much know that this is one horned-up adventure that will have you well and truly jerking like an animal pretty much from the word go. Indeed, if the sight of young pussy-loving babes going for it hammer-and-tongue (excuse the pun!) floats your boat, then believe us you're in for a real treat courtesy of this two hour extravaganza. Little wonder that the sluts here end up soaking wet. They're in for the adventure big time, and they don't hold back for a moment as they lick clit and stretch each others holes like it's going out of fashion. Culminating in a gushing explosion that will have you drained in no time!

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