Soaping Up The Sitter

Released at: December 27, 2022 by Fantasy Massage
Jason Moody and his friend arrive at a massage parlor. His friend tells him that Jason needs to get over a recent breakup and relax a little. Masseuse Jewelz Blu appears, greeting them. Jewelz takes Jason into the private room and starts the NURU massage. Jewelz starts stroking Jason's cock in a way that even Jason can't shrug off. Jewelz insists that this is a natural part of the massage. Jason is hesitant but tempted... Jewelz coaxes him further until he says yes. Jason's friend wanted to get him laid and it looks like his plan worked! Mark Wood is shocked to find babysitter Elsa Jean furiously cleaning off an inflatable mattress when he gets home. He learns that she spilled gel while practicing for her massage class later. After Mark assures her that it's not the end of the world, he invites her to use his shower to clean up. She constantly asks for his help, like removing the sticky shirt, getting her some soap... washing her back. By then, the sexual tension between them is too much! Codey Steele is a nervous young man getting ready for a date while his best friend, Demi Sutra, helps him. Demi tells him that it's not good to go on a date without cumming beforehand. Codey is worried since he doesn't have time to rub one out before the date. 'I can help you with that, since what are friends for!' Demi announces. As she slips his cock into her pussy to ride him, she's sure she has him hooked!

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