Solo Pleasures Volume 4

Released at: September 2, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Sneak a Peak Rachel hires the young man down the street to clean her kitchen. She is not satisfied with the job he is doing, so she grabs the brush and shows him how to scrub a floor. She does not realize that the short skirt she is wearing is revealing her ass and panties to the horny young man. She finally notices him looking up her skirt and confronts him. He admits that he is turned on by seeing her ass. Rachel challenges whether he would be up to the task of making her cum. She gets turned on and takes off her panties and masturbates. Scene 2 - Blackmailed Rachel comes in from the pool to find one of her son's friends in the house. She quickly makes sure she is covered up. He demands to know who is out by the pool. She is surprised at his aggressive tone. She finally admits that it is one of the young men from the neighborhood. He threatens to tell Rachel's family if she does not do what he wants. He tells her to drop the towel so he can see her tits; she complies. He tells her to take off her thong so he can see her pussy; she complies. He tells her to masturbate for him; she complies. I do not think this is the last time Rachel is going to have to follow his directions. Scene 3 - Doctor Seduces Patient Dr. Steele is at work examining one of her young male patients, and things go a little too far. She thought he was older until she saw his vitals, particularly after she had him disrobe. He is very complimentary about her appearance and knows all the right things to say. He says he is attracted to older women but is concerned that his equipment isn't working right. Dr. Steele's pussy is dripping as she examines his hard body and fantasizes about his hard cock. She decides to test his sexual response by providing a little visual stimulation. Everything turns out to be working just fine. Scene 4 - Neighbor Instruction Rachel calls and asks one of her son's friends to come over so she can speak to him privately. She had overheard her son and his friend talking about erections. She decides to help him out with answers to his questions. He shyly admits he has been getting erections but does not know what to do about it. She is pleasantly surprised at the size of his cock when she requests to see it. She offers to show him how to use it. He happily complies. Scene 5 - Mean Rachel Mean Rachel is in a very dominant mood. You walk into the room and know you are in trouble by the way she is dressed. You know you have been bad and that you are going to be punished. She treats you like dirt and makes you worship her body from feet to hair. She makes you take out your cock and ridicules its size. She orders you to jerk your cock until it cums without letting one drop hit the floor. Your load was inadequate, so she berates you more and tells you to get out of her sight. Scene 6 - Rachel Strips for a Living MILF Rachel gets home at the wee hours of the morning after a long night of stripping and lap dances. Her feet hurt, and she is exhausted. She does not even bother changing out of her stripper outfit as she usually does. You wake up and come out and ask her why she is dressed like she is. Rachel is tired and defensive. She decides it is time that you know how she supports the household, so she tells you that she is a stripper. You ask lots of questions until she just decides to show you what she does. She turns on the music and does one final set for the evening. She slowly moves her hips to the music until it is time to strip. As she drops her top, your dick gets hard as a rock. Rachel finishes up the set with her panties off, legs spread over the arm of the chair, rubbing her pussy. You cum in your pants. Scene 7 - Heating Up the A/C Guy Rachel calls the emergency air conditioning repair service. Her A/C is down, and she is trying to get ready for her date. She already has on her lingerie, but throws on a robe when she hears the A/C guy. As she is describing the problem, she loosens her robe to reduce her discomfort. The A/C guy gets a glimpse of her lingerie and big tits and starts to smile. She senses his interest and immediately starts flirting with him. He is very persuasive and quickly has Rachel agreeing to drop the robe and show him her body. She lies down on the floor, bares her breast and starts to masturbate for him. She gets so turned on by her own exhibitionism that she quickly has a massive orgasm. Scene 8 - Study Session Rachel goes back to school to get her degree. She finds that she needs some help grasping the concepts in her human sexuality class. She asks one her classmates, who happens to be quite a bit younger, to come over to her house and help her study. He speaks frankly and is testing to see if she has any sexual hang ups. She answers all his sexually-related questions with no discomfort. He decides to see how far he can get her to go. He suggests that she masturbate with a toy in front of him so to better understand the concept of human sexuality. She does not really buy his argument, but she is so attracted to him that she does not care. She pulls down her dress to tease him with her huge tits. After giving her tits a good massage, she pulls out a big red vibrator and strokes it for his benefit. She puts a leg up on the table and rams the vibrator in and out of her pussy until she orgasms just for him. The study session ends with a big smile on his face. Scene 9 - Sex Toy Salesman Rachel has a thriving sex toy business. One of her salesmen is not performing up to her expectations. She calls him into her office to confront him about his poor performance. He had all the right credentials for the job, but his clients say he does not do a good job explaining the features of the product. She decides he needs a refresher course on dildos. She reviews the different models that her company offers. She decides she needs to demonstrate her most popular model. After a brief demonstration, she tells him to come over and use the dildo on her to make sure he understands how it works. In order to make sure he has a complete understanding of how to use the dildo, she makes him shove the dildo into her repeatedly until she orgasms. After her orgasm, her motivated employee heads out the door to sell some dildos!

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