Solo Pleasures Volume 5

Released at: September 10, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Cam Girl has Phone Sex Cam girl Rachel is tired of doing paperwork, and nobody is online to do a show. She has masturbated several times for shows but did not get a chance to cum. She is extremely horny and wants to have an orgasm. She calls up the young stud she is currently doing on his cell phone while he is in class. She tells him to leave class so they can have phone sex. She tells him to pull out his cock and she gets out her flesh colored double dong so she can imagine it is his cock she is sucking. His cock gets hard listening to her slurp on the dildo. He is almost ready to burst when she spreads the lips of her soaking wet pussy and shoves half the dildo into herself. She rams the dildo in and out of her pussy in multiple positions as she describes what she is doing in detail to him. She is so horny she has to set the phone down so she can finish herself off. He blows his load as she finishes herself off. Scene 2 - Rachel is Hooking Rachel needs a little extra money, so she goes out on "dates" sometimes. The dates always end the same way: Rachel gets it in the ass and has a little extra cum on her tits and money in her purse. You hire her for the night. She dressed up in a hot little black dress and heels. She strips down for you and spreads her cheeks. You get a good look at that tight ass and imagine jamming your cock into her ass. She takes a nice long blue vibrator and buries it to the hilt in her ass as you jerk your cock. After you have blown your load in her ass, you get hard again. You start fucking her pussy as hard as you can. She uses another even bigger dildo on her pussy as you fuck her hard. She wants you to pull out and fuck her tits, so she lotions up her tits and slides the dildo back and forth as you imagine sawing your dick in between those huge tits and then blowing a big load all over her chest. Wow, money well spent. Scene 3 - Blindfolded Quickee Rachel does not have time to have sex right now. Everyone will be home soon and she does not want to get caught with you. You are persistent, and she has weak resolve. You jump into bed with her and tell her you have to fuck her; you cannot wait. You want to blindfold her and bang her. She strips off her top and pulls down your pants. You are hard as a rock. She jerks your cock until you are about ready to explode. You grab the blindfold and cover her eyes. Then you peel down her panties and lick her pussy until it is sopping wet. You shove that hard cock into her wet pussy and fuck her until she begs for mercy. Rather than having mercy, you flip her over onto her hands and knees and bang her from behind as she screams her head off. After you blow a load in her pussy, you quickly get dressed and depart before everyone gets home. You leave her naked on the bed with a cum-filled pussy to explain. Scene 4 - Seducing the Babysitter Sexy MILF Rachel was all dressed up to go out with her husband. She was very excited because it had been a long time since they'd been out alone. She was all dressed up, and the babysitter had just arrived. She had ordered a pizza for them. She received a phone call as she was speaking to the babysitter. The call was from her husband telling her he would not be home in time for dinner or for a couple days. He had been called out of town on business. She was very upset as she had been looking forward to this evening for some time. She was also horny and had been looking forward to some good sex after their date. The babysitter tried to console Rachel. He told her how pretty and sexy she was. Rachel invited the babysitter to stay and watch movies since she had already ordered dinner. They lay on the bed and ate pizza and watched movies. Rachel was horny, and the young stud babysitter was getting her hotter. She flirted with him and decided to show him her underwear. She stripped down to her bra and panties and asked him to show her his cock. She started playing with her pussy and she instructed him to jerk his cock for her. They came together. She will be ready for more in a few minutes. Scene 5 - MILF Likes Small Dicks Too MILF Rachel likes them all - big and small. She teases you about your small penis. She shows you what she does with small penises. She shows how she puts it between her tits and how she loves to suck on them. She shows you how she likes to get fucked by small penises and how she orgasms. Scene 6 - Dominated MILF Slutty MILF Rachel is bored on a Saturday night looking at porn. She is starting to get very hot and horny when a hot young friend comes in looking for his buddy. They begin to talk when she reveals to him that she is a huge slut and she is very bored. He is shy at first but the slut takes over. She shows him her red hot body and demands that he please her. Rachel screams as he smacks her ass, sucks and fucks her. He cannot hold out, although she tells him to. Then she allows him to release his huge load all over her. Scene 7 - Savannah's Masturbation Instruction Hot MILF Savannah shows a young curious guy how to please a real woman, unlike the girls he has been with. She slowly starts with her full sexy lips showing him how to kiss. Then she works her way to her size D tits, slipping her dress down to her waist. She is hot now and wants to show him her throbbing pussy. She lifts her dress, showing her wet smooth pussy. Then plays with her pussy until she cums for him. Scene 8 - Rachel is Horny for Your Cock Rachel is in bed fantasizing about your cock. She saw you changing clothes the other day and did not realize what a huge cock you have. At first, she is just thinking about you, but then she starts touching herself as she plays the scene over and over. She cannot stand it any longer, so she pulls out one of her many vibrators and runs it over her clit. After cumming from the vibrator, she shoves it all the way into her pussy, imagining it is your long hard cock. She gets up on her hands and knees and pushes the vibrator in and out. Her favorite position is doggy style, so she imagines your grabbing her hips as she has her final climax. Scene 9 - Mean MILF Tit Fuck Instruction Mean MILF has summoned Matthew to her room. She enjoys seeing the large bulge in his pants as she flaunts her boobs in her little bra. She is very demanding as she directs Matthew to take down his pants and show her his cock. She tells him to get the lube and lube up his cock. After watching him jerk his cock, she takes off her bra and tells him that he is going to learn how to tit fuck. His cock twitches as she lubes up his cock with her saliva. He thinks his is going to get a blowjob, but she is only toying with him. She slides his hard cock between her tits, having him alternate between squeezing her nipples and slapping her face with his cock. When she senses he is ready to climax, she orders him to cum all over her chest. Scene 10 - Mean MILF Uses Young Stud Rachel is pissed when she wakes up to find her house a mess after her son had a party. She finds her son's friend passed out on the floor next to her bed. She sees that someone had pulled all of her sex toys out her drawer and had used them last night. She is so mad at her son's friend that she makes him get out of the sleeping bag even though he is naked. She is surprised to see that he is smiling and has a hard-on. After she yells at him some more about her messy house, she realizes she is very horny. She lies back on the bed and tells him to lick her pussy. Rachel is not satisfied with the way he is licking her, so she tells him to fuck her. She tells him what to do step by step, reminding him that she is not like one of those little bitches he was fucking last night. She keeps yelling at him until he blows his load in her pussy. Once she has her orgasm she tells him to get up and clean her house.

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