Spa Fuck Tricks

Released at: July 2, 2021 by Only3x
Gold Digger ANYA is looking for a spa on Margaret Island but the hotel one is closed. ERIK invites her to a room and offers to create his own spa bath. The couple are soon fucking. Afterwards we find that ERIK is only a hotel janitor who had keys to a room. He thanks ANYA for the sex and asks her to leave before the hotel manager finds out! Margaret Island with the Danube and looking lovely in the background. Our Guy, ERIK, runs into Gold Digger ANYA who is looking for a spa where she can waste some of her boy friend`s money on several spa treatments. ERIK says the hotel spa is closed. ANYA complains she is stuck on the island now for a few hours, so ERIK says he has keys to a room with a lovely bath. He can run some hot water and try and give ANYA a good time? She takes him up on the offer. The bathroom looks inviting and soon ANYA and ERIK are kissing. She drops down and pulls out his dick from his pants. She wraps her cute lips around the cock and our Guy is is Heaven. She slurps and licks on his manmeat, looking up at him with her big doe-like eyes, almost begging him to fuck her. With a long wet tongue she licks over his balls and tries to deep throat his fat cock down her throat. ERIK responds by helping her strip and then tonguing the sluts trim snatch. He works his tongue deep into her cunt trying to nibble on ANYAs clitoris as she moans with pleasure. Next ERIK moves her into doggy and slides his thick wad of manmeat deep inside her pussy. Her cunt is well greased and the whore loves every in and out of the penetration. ERIK picks up speed, starting to fuck her more strongly. ANYA moans with pleasure and tells him to fuck her harder. He moves the slut into spoons on the floor sliding his greasy pole deeper and deeper into her. She loves every second. Next its cowgirl as the Guy lets his Gold Digger ride his cock. Its a great angle for us to watch as he hammer fucks the slut, his greasy tool plunging back and forth up her cunt. Swinging the girl around, ERIK puts her into reverse cowgirl. ANYA with her long dark hair and big eyes is a real teen cutie but she rides that cock like the totally professional whore that she is. She gets off to suck it, licking up her own cunt juices. With her slim body, tiny waist and tight buttocks, ANYA is a perfect slut for doggy. She promptly puts her head low and sticks her perfect ass cheeks in the air. Rock hard ERIK slides his tool deeply into her cunt and starts to pound the whore from behind. She needs that cock and tells him to fuck her hard. He does what he is told - ramming her cock into her like a bullet! She moans with orgiastic pleasure. Finally, with the whore on her knees, our Guy whips out his dick and unloads his cum on her waiting and upturned face. The glistening love juice splatters all over, white hot jism that she slurps and plays with. Its after this that our Gold Digger finds that her Guy is only a janitor with a set of room keys. He thanks her for the fuck and opens some champagne. ANYA decides that she might as well make the most of the mistake. She slides into the warm bath and enjoys a cool glass of bubbly! Sex is to be enjoyed even in error!

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