Spanish Freak

Released at: October 8, 2010 by Evil Angel - Nacho Vidal
Here comes irrepressible Nacho Vidal with a fresh batch of filthy scenes showing his compulsion for manhandling Hispanic sluts. The title could refer to a variety of girl Nacho fancies, but Spanish Freak best describes the sexually dominant, nasty-minded, monstrously hung filmmaker/fucker himself. Black-haired Aris Dark has a striking face with artistic, black facial piercings and huge, expressive eyes. She also offers great legs, a hot ass and a gorgeous, little twat slot that looks too small for Nacho's use. After freeing his boner for a blow job, a two-hand-job, some ball licking and titty fucking, Nacho stuffs his fingers into her pretty pudding pie and works it hard, her juices smacking loudly, till she wails and floods her crotch and his hand. And with that cunt-sodden hand he slaps her face. A vigorous fuck follows in various snatch-stretching positions, including one where he carries her bodily. Her round ass rolls and Aris howls as she rides his dong. After jerking out his jism with two hands, she declares, "Nacho, I love you." Gina Nil has long, auburn hair, white skin, gorgeous eyes and a shapely rump. Her pink, pleated mini-skirt and fishnet stockings look fetching, but the real attention grabbers are her huge, heavily pregnant belly and the accompanying, milk-heavy mams. Nacho fingers her birth canal and feeds her a taste. She unleashes his meat and applies her horny, pierced tongue. After some screwing she gets to taste her cunt on his cock, but then needs a bathroom break. Nacho says he loves how warm, wet and horny pregnant pussies get, but they have to pee every 10 minutes! Gina returns for a blow job and a rod ride that makes her squeal as her hair and butt bounce. A doggie-style fuck makes her visibly cream. She loves his rough choking and he loves the way her jerking hand makes him cum. Thick lips, a tiny waist, trim legs and nipple piercings make Lia M look racy. She shows true deep-throat talent through a sloppy, spit-soaked blow job/face fuck that leaves her wallowing in her own gag spit. Nacho issues a hard, doggie-style fuck spiced with spanks to her rear. She bounces hard on his hard-on, gasping, and he plows her dog-style as she's perched on a kitchen stool. Before a very rough fuck on the floor she deeply tongues his asshole, and afterwards she sups the semen he shoots into her open mouth. With a pretty smile and a fabulous natural figure highlighted by a big, beautiful butt, longhaired brunette Samia Duarte is plain hot. But she looks even better as Nacho subjects her to a rough manhandling of a fuck. She arches her back picturesquely, her ass flesh rippling as she orgasms through a standing, doggie-style cock-hammering. He manipulates her pretty head, slaps her face and clamps his hand over her mouth, then dick-whips and fucks her face, pussy-to-mouth. When he pours water all over her, the spirited girl calls him, "Cabron." Playfully they spit more water on each other. Her ass rolls as she rides his tool; more fucking on the floor and over a stool thrills her till he ejaculates in her mouth. Miss Stacy is a tasty blonde whose trim bod looks perfect in a slinky, pink and black mini-dress and sexy, studded leather heels. Dark shades complete her look, and they stay on as she fucks. In a bathroom Nacho grips her by the hair, spanks her, fingers her box and then stands her before the mirror for a doggie-style copulation. Miss Stacy whimpers and white cream froths up in her cock-stuffed pussy. She's an uninhibited rim jobber, licking his asshole like a dog lapping a treat. Her cute butt flexes as she rides his schlong; he kneads, slaps and handles those sweet cheeks. Nacho cranks her on the bathroom counter as she masturbates, truly into it. For the climax, he spunks all over her dark shades (and her tongue). And Miss Stacy licks her lenses clean, looking blissful as a wad of cum drips from her nose.

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