Sperm Swap 8

Released at: May 28, 2010 by Evil Angel - Raul Cristian
In each of Sperm Swap 8's six sloppy scenes, two Eastern European harlots come together to share their favorite treat: Fresh sperm. The girls tease, make out, and warm up before turning to cock for the main attractions. After vigorously fucking both girls' mouths and pussies, the studs dump their spunky loads into one horny, shameless girl's open mouth. She'll gargle and play with the slick semen, showing it off in her mouth and on her tongue, before drooling the viscous load into her play partner's oral opening. The second girl enjoys the recycled sperm, then swallows it down, and the girls finish with a mouth kiss, tasting the residual cum tongue-to-tongue. Each scene includes ample tastes of cunt via pussy-to-mouth blowjobs; a couple of the scenes feature pounding anal sex and the accompanying ass-to-mouth flavor. This is nasty, graphic sex, not for the squeamish. The disc includes photo slideshow. Scene 1: Cute, lush-lipped brunette Veronica Sanchez has dark eyes and tasty boobs. Susanna, another dark-eyed brunette, offers pert titties and a hot ass. Their black bikinis, pink lipstick, eye shadow and heels make them look almost like sisters. Susanna sits on Veronica's face and gets her pink butthole tongued as a warm-up for a dirty session with Lauro Giotto. Soon she's deep-throating his dong, and the face-fuck generates thick gag spit. She gets to taste her own pussy and Susanna's on Lauro's cock. Susanna makes penetrating eye contact with the camera as she deep-throats Lauro, and she tongues Veronica's wet gash from the 69 position. The sound of slapping skin enlivens an ass pounding for Susanna, and Veronica sucks Lauro's prick freshly pulled from Susanna's rectum. Lauro shoots streams of semen into Veronica's mouth; Veronica plays with the juice on her tongue and drools a major load into Susanna's thirsty oral hole. Susanna swallows the mess and the girls taste each other's tongue. Scene 2: Kissy and Veryca have small, natural titties and cute asses. Both wear black leather bikinis, high-heel boots and choker collars, and they share one other trait _ their taste for sharing sperm. Curly-haired, blonde Kissy and long-haired brunette Veryca tease, strip and masturbate crotch-to-crotch, but when Tristan Seagal comes in, they turn their attention and mouths to his cock. Kissy deep-throats, and when she rides Tristan's bone, her face flushes visibly as she cums. Each girl sucks the other's pussy juice off of Tristan's cock. While getting porked, Veryca eats Kissy's snatch; Kissy gets choked and her hair is pulled while she's fucked. Tristan's thick load splashes Veryca's face, mouth, studded tongue; it even bounces off of her teeth. Veryca drools jism into Kissy's open pie hole; Kissy plays with and dribbles the seed from the corner of her mouth and the girls lick each other's tongue. Scene 3: Eva Sun's expressive eyes are decorated with huge lashes. The tall brunette's long locks are tied back in a ponytail that points to her hot ass. For this cum-soaked double-dick bout, green-eyed Sandra Black will be her "sperming" partner. The girls make out until Lauro Giotto and Matt Bird enter the party, naked with erections at the ready. Pussies are fingered and cocks are sucked. Eva rides dong, her big ass hams bouncing, till her pussy gapes. Side-by-side, Sandra takes a doggie-style fuck while Eva grinds her gash down on dick. The fuckers change partners, and Sandra's legs flail about her head as she's nailed. Eva eats Sandra, but that's just an appetizer. The dudes consecutively jack their loads into Sandra's kisser. She drools the jism into Eva's mouth, where Eva can play with the semen, drink it down and then share a tongue-cleaning kiss with Sandra. Scene 4: In her plaid mini-skirt and with braces on her teeth, green-eyed blonde Sugar Baby is appropriately named. Gitta Blond, a blue-eyed - yes, blonde - has an undeniably cute and soon busy ass. The girls strip, make out and taste nipples ala whipped cream, and in a moment of foreshadowing, Sugar Baby spits the cream into Gitta's mouth. Next they share Mugur, with Sugar Baby eating his meat as Gitta licks his ball sac. His cock goes straight up Gitta's hot ass, which looks prime taking a doggie-style reaming. Gitta tastes cock fresh from Sugar Baby's pussy, and Sugar Baby eats it fresh from Gitta's ass. Irrepressible Sugar Baby tongues Gitta's gaping bunghole. After more ass-fucking, Mugur pumps his spunk into Sugar Baby's mouth, then yanks her by her ponytail till she spits the semen onto Gitta's blue-studded tongue. Gitta swallows, licks her lips, and the girls kiss. Scene 5: Gabi has long hair of red and black. She wears a pink plaid bra, garter belt and chaps, with high heels. Patrisha, a longhaired, blue-eyed blonde, wears a skirt and bra, also plaid, and high heels of her own. They finger each other and make out until Choky Ice comes in to alternately stab each of their mouths with his prick. This scene is dominated by "pussy-to-other-girl's mouth" blow jobs _ a girl gets her cunt poked, and then the other girl sucks the pussy juice fresh from the cock. Choky squirts his load into Patrisha's mouth, she plays with the treat and then drools it into Gabi's gullet. Gabi swallows, licks the remaining spunk from her face, and the girls taste tongues. Scene 6: Stephanie Sierra, a green-eyed, curly-haired brunette, has white skin showing through her yellow fishnet top. Her look is completed with a black skirt, black G-string and heels. Jessica Girl, a longhaired, dirty blonde in a fluorescent yellow skirt and bra with a G-string and heels, is distinctive because a) she resembles 1990s porn favorite Christy Lake, and b) she's got a hairy butthole! The girls strip each other and make out by an indoor pool. Lauro Giotto comes in to suck their asses and get his cock fellated. As he face-fucks Stephanie, Jessica tongues his asshole. Jessica takes a vigorous fuck; masturbating Stephanie gets to taste Jessica's cunt (and later her own) on his meat. Jessica rides hard, slamming herself down on that dick with palpable, skin-slapping joy. A doggie-style fuck makes Jessica's pussy gape; Stephanie's pussy and ass gape! Lauro trade-fucks the girls, then jerks his wad into Jessica's mouth. She shows off the sperm, then drools it into Stephanie's mouth for swallowing. And the girls seal their semen sharing with a kiss.

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