Released at: March 12, 2021 by Command Cinema
Restored and Remastered in HD, Until now, this 1984 film by Cecil Howard has been unavailable for sale, anywhere. The more things change, the more they stay the same. In 1984's SPITFIRE, director/producer Cecil Howard and screenwriter Ann Randall skewer the world of hypocritical politics, with the sizzling tale of Congressman Victor Kidd (R Bolla aka Robert Kerman), up for re-election and pandering to the Christian Right with his tried-and-true "family values"-anti-fornication platform... while desperately attempting to conceal his own sexual transgressions from his equally adulterous wife (Samantha Fox) and "virginal" daughter (Tigr), who's actually a raving nymphomaniac under the "care" of disgraced shrink Dr Vargo (Eric Edwards). Also starring Golden Age mainstays John Leslie, Annie Sprinkle, Sharon Mitchell, Joey Silvera, Susan Nero, Gail Sterling and Howard's favorite poster-girl Rikki Harte, this breathlessly paced, wickedly twisted classic - despite its veneer of Eighties' gloss - is more timely than ever.

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