Stealing Will Not Be Tolerated

Released at: March 19, 2014 by Girls-Boarding-School
Alex is shocked to find out Kissie has stolen underwear from one of his shops. Kissie is a friend of the family which makes it even harder for him to believe that she would steal from him. Feeling guilty one day, Kissie decides to visit Alex at his home to come clean and tell him the truth. Alex makes her get into the underwear so he can embarrass her by putting her over his knee and giving her a severe hand spanking. This is not what she expected at all but she knows that she is in the wrong and listens to his strict instructions. After several minutes of spanking her, he orders her to remove her thong and punishes her further with the hairbrush. By the end of the punishment, Kissie is left with a very sore bottom, promising herself never to steal again!

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