Step-Sisters Get Bloated & Fucked By Step-Daddy

Released at: August 1, 2023 by The Kaiia Eve Productions
Since Mommy left us, me and my step-sister Cara, step-daddy has been in charge! And Daddy has been making some serious changes... He has wanted me to being working out to stay in shape since I'm older and the house needs a mom like touch. I have been doing squats every single day to make sure that my little sister Cara is taking care of exactly to Daddy's liking. He wants his Princess Cara to gain weight so she can be soft and jiggly when it is time to fuck her. It has been my job to fatten her up! Mom's life would have been so much easier had she just done what dad wanted in the first place: fatten up. Today I get back from the gym, and I am in charge of getting Cara some super fattening snacks before Daddy gets back for playtime with us. While Cara eats I shows off my improved & toned up body. I then start to feel up Caras sexy soft, squishy body. I turn her around, showing off her big soft ass! This includes close ups of Cara's jiggly tummy and hungry tummy. I then decide that it is time and I lead Cara back to the bedroom with her snacks so we can get ready for Daddy to come and play with us When Daddy comes into the bedroom we go to, all attention is on him. Cara and I show off our body's progress before kissing and touching each other for you. Us two sisters wanna play with each other before we beg Daddy to play with us too! We lay on our backs first, with close ups of each sisters beautiful wet pussy. We dirty talk you. I tell you all about how hard I have been working out for you, and how hard I have been working to make sure you are happy with Cara's fattening up progress. Cara dirty talks you about how her soft and curvy and weight gaining body loves how curvy it is getting. We love the feeling of your cock inside of us. We both want you to enter us, so you do. You fuck us one by one. You stuff your cock in me as I guide you with dirty talk. I encourage you to fuck Cara when you decide it is time to slide into her. I want you to cum so hard for us. I want to please you as does Cara. We turn around and let you put your cock in us doggy style. We want to take your cock so badly, and we do. You cum so hard for us. & we cum so hard for you too. After playtime with you is over, both of us sisters collapse in ecstasy, with me promising Daddy that I will continue to work extra hard to make sure Cara is even fatter for next time you come and fuck u

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