Stepson Catches Stepmom With The Maid

Released at: August 18, 2019 by Horny Household Clips
There's a knock on the door, and Conor offers to answer. Puma, the maid, walks in, and walks up the stairs. "I believe my Mom ordered a maid?" Conor greets Puma, and introduces her to his Step-Mother, Ariella. Ariella believes she has ordered a maid that comes with extra benefits, but Puma is completely unaware.. as Ariella speaks Spanish, and Puma speaks Swedish. Puma begins to clean in her bra and panties, and Ariella invites her into her bed. Puma continues to try to clean, by fixing the pillow cases. The women have a small pillow fight, before Ariella finally leans in and kisses Puma. Ariella kisses Puma's lips, and then her breasts. She begins to remove Puma's bra, and Puma removes it for her. The two kiss, and Puma removes Ariella's shirt and bra. Ariella moves Puma's panties to the side, and begins to lick her pussy. Ariella puts her pussy in Puma's face, and they eat each other out. Puma jumps on top of Ariella and fingers her. They begin to scissor each other, and Ariella rides Puma's pussy. Conor walks in and catches his Step-Mom with the maid. "What, with the maid?! Im going to tell Papi!" Ariella begs Conor to not tell his Dad. Puma yells out, "What the fuck, you speak English?" .. Ariella is confused, "Wait, you speak English too?" Ariella begs Conor to not tell his Dad, and explains to Puma that he's just her Step-Son. Ariella offers to give Conor a blow job if he keeps quiet. Conor tries to get more out of it than a blowjob, but gets denied. The two ladies throw Conor on the bed, and Ariella begins to suck Conor's cock. Puma licks Ariella's pussy from behind as she sucks away. Ariella lays back and let's Conor fuck her throat as Puma licks her pussy. Conor fucks Arielles big tits until he cums all over them. "Don't tell your Dad, Okay"?

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