Released at: March 22, 2015 by Girls-Boarding-School
Lisa was enjoying herself. Wearing a bikini, she was making good use of the swimming pool. The blue water lapped around her and she held her beautiful face up to the sun. However, her enjoyment was not going to last. Mr. Lewis, a teacher at GBS had entered the kitchen and he was disgusted at the filthy state it was in. Calling Lisa indoors he asked why she was outside in the sun, swimming in the pool, when she should have been cleaning the kitchen. Her answer is not satisfactory so he gets her busy washing up. In his hand he holds a cane and he uses the cane to keep her motivated. Her bikini bottom offers very little protection. And when he tells her to pull down them down, the red stripes become visible. After washing up, she has to clean the tabletops then the floor. As the cane makes contact with her bottom, she yells out. Once the kitchen is clean to his satisfaction, he tells her to kneel on the floor and bear in mind that she must in future do her chores first, then she can enjoy being outdoors.

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