Sunshine Lovers

Released at: December 17, 2018 by Viv Thomas
Scene 1: Sexy brunette Lilu looks so cute in her shorts and braided hair as she strolls through the forest, in episode one of Nik Fox and Tom Veller's "Sunshine Lovers." She finds gorgeous blonde Crystal Caitlin sunbathing on a bench, flimsy skirt riding up to reveal her panties. They greet each other with a kiss that soon becomes a passionate caress, Lilu moving astride Crystal's lap, slipping a finger into her mouth. Crystal runs a fingertip around Lilu's stiffening nipple, then leads her to a more private location where they can get intimate. Stripped down to their lingerie, blue-eyed Crystal sucks Lilu's pretty toes, then kneels between her spread thighs and tugs down her white lace panties to lick her shaved pussy. She peels Lilu's panties off and breathes in their scent, then pushes Lilu's legs high and eats her avidly, tongue probing her pussy and asshole. She squeezes Lilu's plump lips and then thrusts her fingers inside, lapping at her clit. Lilu straddles Crystal's lap, riding her fingers, shuddering with orgasmic pleasure. Now she kneels to eat Crystal's wet pussy, licking her lips open and flicking her tongue over her sensitive clit. Crystal bends over so Lilu can eat her from behind, licking her tight asshole as she finger bangs her drenched pussy to an intense orgasm. But Crystal still can't keep her hands off Lilu's pussy... Scene 2: Gorgeous brunettes Emylia Argan and Miki Torrez get turned on taking sexy snaps of each other in the park, as episode two of Nik Fox's erotic movie "Sunshine Lovers" begins. Back home, stripped down to their lingerie, they act on their mutual arousal, kissing and squeezing and fondling. On her knees, busty Emylia sucks on Miki's shaved pussy, lapping at her clit and teasing her exquisitely. Miki rises to her tiptoes, rocking against Emylia's pretty face, chasing the powerful sensations. Emylia stands to kiss her girlfriend passionately, and Miki slides a hand into her lace panties, rubbing her pussy to make her gasp and moan with pleasure. She pushes her fingers into Emylia's mouth to let her taste her own sweetness, grinding her thigh against Emylia's pussy. She spins her trembling lover around and tugs her panties down, kneeling to thrust her tongue between Emylia's peachy ass cheeks. Emylia leans against the wall as Miki eats her pussy voraciously, delicious close-ups capturing Miki's tongue as it swipes over Emylia's dark pussy lips and squirms inside her. She spreads Emylia open with her fingers as she licks her senseless. Miki sits with her thighs apart and Emylia crawls to her, perfect ass in the air as she licks and sucks Miki's clit attentively. Miki turns onto her knees, and Emylia stuffs two fingers in her pussy as she licks her tight asshole, driving her crazy. And they're still not done, Miki fingering Emylia's unshaven pussy to another orgasm, the two babes insatiable in their lust for one another. Scene 3: Luscious brunette Lilu and gorgeous blonde Angel Piaf are relaxing on the couch together, dressed in sexy lingerie, as episode three of Nik Fox's erotic movie "Sunshine Lovers" begins. Abandoning her book, Angel leans in to kiss her girlfriend passionately, perfect ass in the air. She straddles Lilu in a sixty-nine, tugging aside her panties and licking her shaved pussy, making her moan and squirm. Angel lowers her hot slit onto Lilu's pretty face, getting eaten so skillfully she has to sit up and grind on her tongue as the powerful sensations drive her wild. They kiss their cream from each other's lips, stroking and groping; Lilu strips Angel naked and sucks her toes, making her gasp with pleasure. It grows even more intense as Lilu starts to rim her ass, spreading her cheeks wide and licking her tight, puckered hole avidly. She spit-lubes two fingers and thrusts them furiously in and out of Angel's pussy, which tips her over the edge into a body-shaking orgasm. Now Angel peels off Lilu's lingerie and sucks her stiff nipples, before spreading open the butterfly wings of her pussy and lapping at her clit. She slides a couple of fingers inside and frigs Lilu to a climax that gets her so hot she can't resist stuffing her fingers inside Angel's snug slit again... Scene 4: Cute Lady Dee lies on the bed in nothing but her skimpy panties, as episode four of Nik Fox's "Sunshine Lovers" begins. Lingerie clad beauty Lexi Dona joins her, licking her stiffening nipples, fondling her peachy ass and kissing her passionately. She rubs Lady's clit through her lacy panties, straddling her and grinding their hot bodies together, tugging her bra down to let Lady suck on her perfect breasts. Lexi peels off Lady's panties and laps at her clit, spreading her open and spit-lubing her slit as she pushes her tongue deeper. She eats Lady avidly, kissing her to let her taste her own juice, then goes face down, ass up for Lady to tug her panties off and bare her shaved pussy. Lexi shivers with pleasure as Lady teases her tight asshole and creamy slit with her skillful tongue and fingertips. Lady slides two fingers into Lexi's slick pussy, thrusting them in and out, fucking her to an intense climax. Now Lexi eats her girlfriend from behind, frigging her wet pussy as she licks her asshole, coaxing her towards a powerful orgasm. Sated, for now, the lovers kiss on their sun-drenched sheets, bodies entwined.

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Lexi Dona