Super Marino's Roadtrips Anal Awaydays 21 - Wandsworth

Released at: August 31, 2010 by Super Marino Productions
In Anal Awaydays 21, on the way to Wandsworth Super Marino wastes no time. Pulling porn debutante Chantelle's panties to one side, he cums hard over her fab FF boobs. Sandie Caine is at her posh penthouse apartment with the gorgeous Georgina Smith. The girls are sucking, fingering and dildoing each other's pulsating pussies. Enter the studs, Mark Marais and Dirty Dog, to introduce Chantelle to her first anal and double penetration session! Georgina gets the same treatment too. The next day, lesbian sluts DJ and Sandie dildo each other's tight arses. Next DJ takes Marino, Mark and Dirty Dog to town, demanding every hole be filled until the boys open up their jizz gates and cum buckets over her. Avalon doesn't even get into costume before Marino and Dirty Dog fill her hot wet pussy and arse with a double penetration in the bedroom. Then all three join Karla Romano and Mark for a five-way hardcore fuckfest.

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