Sweet Young Lesbian Fitness Girls

Released at: August 29, 2018 by Fitness Rooms
Fit-thick babe Vanessa Decker has hit a plateau in her fitness journey, so she hires Fitness Rooms personal trainer Lady Dee to get her to the next level. The pair begin their training with some stretching to warm their muscles up for the workout to come. Lady starts Vanessa off with some squats for two reasons: one, you always begin with the largest muscle group and two, because she can check out her client's amazing ass! After pumping her thighs, Vanessa moves on to bicep curls. The sight of the brunette's pump gets Lady's temperature rushing, so under the guise of helping Vanessa lift, she cops a quick feel of her client's big tits. With adrenaline and emotion running high, Lady and Vanessa make out passionately before emptying the contents of their water bottles on one another. With both babes soaking wet, they use they freshly worked muscles on each other as the dopamine and serotonin flows!

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