Sybian Rides 4 Cash - Sabrina Fox

Released at: February 18, 2010 by Eros Arts
Submissive Sabrina Fox is a stunning redhead who stands just under 6 feet tall. If you are into bondage, you might recognize her. Sabrina is a dirty pain slut and today I have her on my Sybian. She claims that she is very sexually inhibited and that she is shy, but she's still a slut (according to her, that is). To cum with vibration is difficult for her, but I have no doubt that I can have her squirming to a powerful orgasm in no time. Of course, the money I offer her will help to get her out of her shell. Sabrina also tries out some of the insertable dildo attachments and she loves them. Did I mention that she is a size queen? Before the end of the shoot she is covered in sweat, writhing her body on my Sybian, and she seems to be having an out of body experience! Since she loves to be tied up, I finally oblige her and continue to tease her pussy as her hands are tied to her ankles. Yes, Sabrina is definitely a slut, but I do not think that is a bad thing at all.

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