Taboo Casting Calls #4

Released at: August 12, 2015 by Desperate Pleasures
Kate England ------------------------- We heard Kate was going to be in town so we made sure and checked out her schedule. We got her to show up while the Director was running errands and when she arrived Kate thought we were legit. After she disrobed we talked this hottie into a BJ challenge and man was it hot. Lucky for us Kate didn't beat the clock and wound up with a massive load in her mouth. Olivia Kasady -------------------------- Young Olivia decided to try and get into the adult industry to make a little extra cash. She scheduled an interview and the trap was set. Olivia was eager to do whatever was needed to get the part including the blowjob challenge. When this cutie hit her knees and started sucking you could tell she really enjoyed it, until she learned she got a facial from us for nothing. Anna Oksana ------------------------ 18 yr old Anna has been trying to get into modeling. She answered our ad and we knew we had a good candidate so we directed her to a reputable studio. We talked her out of her clothes and getting her to fall for the challenge was even easier. Needless to say this innocent girl was shocked to find out she blew it big time when the real casting director returned. Rachel Rose --------------------- She came to town looking for some gigs. She showed up for an interview at a local studio and we decided to try her for a challenge. Even thought she has been to many of these before Rachel was trying so hard she fell for our scam hoping to get a job. Needless to say she was pretty shocked when she wound up giving a sloppy bj & swallowing a big load!

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