Taboo Diaries Vol. 14

Released at: February 6, 2018 by Desperate Pleasures
**Maria Jade:** I am so bad some times, especially when it comes to Stepdaddy. I talked him into a game of pool and started teasing him by grabbing his cock and showing my boobs but it didn't distract him quite enough. Daddy beat me just like I planned. Of course that meant I was going to have some fun with him right there on table. Daddy teased my wet pussy and fucked me until we both came together. Last weekend, Hurricane Irma kept mommy from flying home. I found daddy in the bedroom and his cock started getting hard. I deep throated his dick and he peeled of my panties. I rode him, savoring every thrust. He pounded my tight pussy until he exploded all over me. I'm looking forward to more time alone with daddy! **Giselle Roxx:** Mommy is rarely home right now so it gives me more time alone with Stepdaddy. That's what really turns me on. The other night was a perfect example: mommy called and told me she would be home late so I dressed all sexy for Daddy. When he came home and found me in his room, he knew exactly what I wanted. Within minutes his hard cock was deep in my throat. Daddy laid me on my back and teasingly fucked me til I squirted everywhere then he let me ride him. I rode Daddy's cock until I squirted a few more times then he took over. Daddy plunged his hard cock into my waiting pussy over and over until he came so much, it filled me up. I hope Daddy can keep it up like this so I end up pregnant soon. I can't stop dreaming about it. **Dani Arcadia:** A few months ago, Stepdaddy took me on a trip to check out colleges and we made love. Since then, I can't stop thinking about our special time together. Now, every time mom is gone and daddy and I get "bond" all over again, it makes me cum so hard. The other day Daddy was in the garage and I came in to have some fun. We made love all over the garage and the pool table before he exploded inside me. I really hope mom doesn't find out!

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