Taboo Diaries Vol. 16

Released at: December 17, 2018 by Desperate Pleasures
Angelica Cruz: The day I came home daddy was very surprised to see me. He scolded me for not coming home sooner and not keeping in touch, I sat down beside him like I used to and before long all was forgiven. He started playing with my breast because they'd gotten so big. When he put his lips on them he got the surprise of his life when his mouth filled up with milk. I knew I was going to have to come clean. After I told him I had gotten pregnant he seemed to relax and got transfixed on my full breasts. Daddy sucked and massaged my tits and my milk went everywhere. Cassie: I'm so ashamed at what I've done. The other day after class I went home and daddy was on the couch. I'm not sure if someone slipped me something to make me horny but I started seducing my dad. He tried to resist and even threatened to punish me which made me even hotter. I started playing with his cock and when my top came off he was unable to resist. I licked and sucked his shaft then daddy flipped me on my back and ate my pussy till I came. He entered me slowly getting me used to his cock before he fucked me hard. I rode him until he came inside me! Lenna Lux: Ever since daddy adopted me I've been having really strange dreams. The boys at school were never mature enough to get any further than a 2nd base and I think I know why. I wanted someone like daddy. The right of my 18th birthday, after everyone was in bed I went in to cuddle with daddy. Something strange came over me and I started getting horny. Next thing I knew I pulled down daddy's shorts and was sucking his cock. daddy realized what I was doing and started freaking out a bit. When I explained my desires to give him my special gift his attitude completely changed.

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Lenna Lux