Taboo Fetishes - Pregnancy Risk Volume 1

Released at: June 23, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Pregnancy Risk, Mother and Son Julia's son found an old photo album. As he looked through he commented on how beautiful and hot his mother was. He asked her why she had let herself go. Julia explained to him that since his father had left him for a younger woman her self-confidence did not exist. She felt her days were just for taking care of the house and him. Ronny told her that his buddy's friend's mom was her age and was hot! Julia became upset and felt awful about her appearance. Ronny told her he thought she still had it, this cheered her up a little. Ronny went to bed after kissing his mom. Julia looked through the scrapbook remembering happier less stressful days. She went in to the bathroom and gazed in the mirror, she had been ignoring herself and she realized it. Julia turned in for the night. As she drifted off to sleep she heard her son moaning in his room, she went to see if he was ok. When she got to his room the door was cracked open. She peeked in and saw him masturbating. At first she wanted to quickly run back to her room embarrassed, but something inside her churned. She stood watching her son stroke his large cock. Her pussy got wet and she touched herself. Julia was confused by her sexual turn on. She felt her breasts and slid a finger into her pussy. She was afraid he may see her so she watched a minute longer then went back to her room. Julia was disturbed by these feelings towards her own son. She tossed and turned, not able to get his body off her mind. She masturbated hard to relieve her desires so she could sleep. The next morning Ronny rushed out because he was late. He called to her wishing her a good day. Julia got up and began her daily chores, first into Ronny's bedroom for dirty clothes. She saw a magazine on his bed with naked woman, older women with younger men. She opened it and saw that it contained stories about mother and son's sexual fantasies. She was shocked at first but again she became aroused. She read some of the stories and she said out loud, I want my son to make love to me. Julia went into town and got her hair, nails and toes done. She went to a sexy store and bought new high heels, silk stockings and a garter belt. Julia wanted to look like the women in the magazine for her son. Ronny came home, Julia called him into her room. He was shocked to see her dressed up and smiling. She asked him what he thought. Ronny secretly had desires for her and this was it! He reveled in her sexy beauty. She dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock. He laid her down and ate her pussy like it was a dish of ice cream. They both moaned and talked about how good it all was. Finally they both could not wait any longer and Ronny mounted her, fucking her hard. They had sex in several positions for hours. Ronny was ready to cum, Julia warned him to pull out she would not become pregnant. Ronny was fucking her so hard and fast that he did not want to take it out. She felt his cock start to pulse and yelled for him to pull out. Ronny came as hard as he could deep inside his mother. Julia was horrified. What if she gets pregnant with her son? Ronny lay next to her, comforting and apologizing for what happened. Secretly he wanted her to be pregnant so they would never be alone again. Scene 2 - Broken Condom, Mother Impregnated Rachel has been divorced for three years and Brent has bitter feelings towards his father. He has stayed away because he has an unnatural attraction to his mother and wants to impregnate her. He decides that he is going to try to make his fantasy reality. If he gets his mother pregnant they can have a baby and stay together forever. Rachel's son Brent comes home for a visit after having been gone for some time. The visit took her completely by surprise. They sit on the couch and drink wine. The night goes on until they have consumed the whole bottle. Rachel was feeling the effects of the wine and admitted that her sex life was nonexistent so much so that she does not even take birth control anymore. Brent decides that this is the time to make his move. He abruptly leans over and kisses his mother on the mouth. She is so surprised she lets it happen for a few seconds before pushing him away. She realizes that they both have had too much to drink and she goes to bed. She cannot stop thinking about what happened in the living room and begins to pleasure herself. Brent realizes that he should apologize to her before going to bed. He walks into her room to apologize and catches her masturbating. She covers herself up and he sits on the side of the bed. They talk and Rachel admits that she cannot even make herself cum. He pulls the covers off her and touches her breasts. The wine has caused her inhibitions to go away and she lets Brent explore her body. He uses his mouth to explore all her parts licking her pussy until she is extremely horny. He asks her if she would do the same for him. After hesitating she agrees. She crawls between her son's legs and sucks his cock. She tells him how big it is. Brent tells her that he is so hard and horny and he needs to have sex. He begs her to let him fuck her. She finally agrees but tells him that he must use a condom because she is not on the pill. She says there should be some condoms in her nightstand. He pulls one out and puts it on. He pushes her legs all the way back and slides his cock into his mother. Her legs are over his shoulders so she can see him slamming in and out of her. She keeps scooting all over the bed until her head is hanging off the edge. Brent stops for a moment and she asks why he stopped. He tells her he needs more lube but he actually took the condom off and threw it on the bed. He slides back into her and continues to fuck her unprotected. He tells his mother that he is ready to cum. She sits up and notices the condom on the bed. He tells her it was too tight so he took it off. She spreads her legs and the cum dripped out of her pussy on the bed. She is worried about getting pregnant. He consoles her and tells her not to worry. Then he asks her if she has any more condoms because he is still horny. She figures the damage is done so she agrees to fuck him again. This time she puts the condom on him herself and continues to reach back and make sure it is in place. He rolls her over on her side and enters her from behind. She tells him that he fucks better than his father and that his cock is much bigger. He rolls her over and does her from behind. He pulls out and tears the end of the condom off. He enters her again and fucks her from behind. She keeps reaching back to make sure the condom is on. He cums again. He pulls out and she sees that the end of the condom is torn off. He acted like he did not know the condom broke. Another load of his potent sperm is inside her. She is terrified that she is pregnant. Brent tells her that everything will be OK. She is so distraught that she tells him that he should leave. She does not think she has enough self control to keep it from happening again. Brent returns after six months. His mother waddles into the living room, visibly pregnant. She tells him that it is his baby. They sit on the couch and Brent tells her that he is thrilled. They will stay together forever.

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