Taboo Tales Volume 18

Released at: June 2, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Mother Daughter Revenge Suck Leihla came home to tell her mother about the bitch across the street. This woman said Leihla was dressed like a whore and that her mother, Rachel, was a slut. Rachel had had enough of the uppity woman's insults. She was a stuffy straight-laced bitch. She decided the best way to get back at her was through her son Allen. Rachel has Leihla call over to their house and ask for Allen. After he gets on the phone Rachel asks him to come over and help with something. Minutes later the doorbell rings. Allen said he climbed out the window to get over there because his mother would be mad if he came to the Steele house. Rachel tells Allen that there is a problem with the ceiling fan in her bedroom and she needs him to look at it. After they got him in the bedroom she pushed him down on the bed. Both women started rubbing on him and undressing him. Rachel told him that his mother said she was a slut. They stripped him naked and then took off their tops. His cock was rock hard. Rachel oiled up his cock while Leihla rubbed his balls. They took turns sucking and licking his cock. Rachel shoved his head between her huge tits while her daughter sucked him off. Rachel could hear that he was close to cumming. They both grabbed his cock and he started to cum. They both quickly moved their faces to his cock to catch his cum in their mouths. The next time his mother makes a mean comment about them he will come to their defense. Scene 2 - Leihla Welcomes Daddy Home He had a long trip with lots of lonely nights in hotels. He was taking a quick nap when his daughter Leihla walked into the bedroom to welcome him home. She sat on the bed next to him and told him that she missed him. She rested her hand on his crotch and asked him if he needed some relief. He said that he did since he had been gone for so long. Leihla was a good daughter and knew what daddy needed. She unbuckled his shorts and pulled out his cock. She started with a nice slow blowjob paying special attention to the head of his cock. After several minutes his wife walked into the door. She commented that they could not wait for her. She joined them on the bed and they switched off sucking his cock. They both pulled out their tits for him to play with. Rachel sucked his cock while he sucked on his daughter's precious nipples. They both slid down to give him a double blowjob. Mother and daughter kissed while they jerked his cock. When he got close to cumming they moved down for a close-up. He shot his load in Rachel's mouth and on her face. Leihla kissed her daddy and asked him to take them out for dinner. Scene 3 - College Cock Peter, a friend of Rachel's son from college, was waiting in Rachel's house for her son to arrive. Rachel and her hot friend Joey where sunning outside topless and did not know Peter was in the house. Rachel skipped into the kitchen wearing only a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms. She jumped when she saw Peter on the couch. Rachel and Joey quickly covered their tits up and giggled. He was embarrassed and blushed. Rachel offered him a beer. He politely refused. The woman noticed how nervous he was and thought it was cute. Rachel had a plan. She and Joey went to the bedroom and called to him. He went in and Rachel asked him to help her find a bracelet. As he looked, Rachel picked up a bottle of lube and told him she found what she was looking for. Joey and Rachel pushed him on the bed and undressed him. He froze. They oiled up his cock and began to get him hard. Rachel put her tits in his face while Joey enjoyed his young strong cock. They took turns, coaching him to finger their pussies. Rachel told him he was too young and cute to be so shy. The woman licked him and jerked him together until he was ready to explode. Rachel and Joey put their faces next to his cock and opened their hungry mouths taking his cum all over their faces. Rachel then told Peter her son's flight was canceled and he was to be theirs for the rest of the night. Scene 4 - College Boys in the Hot Tub Rachel came home tired from work. Her son Frankie and his friend from school were in the hot tub. Rachel came out to say hello and saw how the water looked. She asked her son if she could join them to relax. He did not want his mom in a bikini in the tub with his friend. Rachel is very attractive and her son did not want other guys, especially his buddy looking at her body. Rachel just smiled and changed into a skimpy bikini. Her son was appalled at her prancing around like that in front of his friend. Rachel climbed into the hot tub and moaned. Her son was embarrassed as she stood up and stretched, showing off her body. She asked the boys about school and girls. They did not want to talk to her about sex. She continued to ask them sexual questions, telling them about her hot college nights. The boys just shrugged. She saw that they were uptight and kind of prude. Rachel began flirting with Theo, and then she tickled her son telling him to relax. She decided they needed a lesson on how to please a woman. Rachel told Theo to remove his shorts. Her son was pissed. Rachel told him to untie her bikini. She was naked. She reached over and felt her son's cock, telling him to take his shorts off. He was hard. Rachel saw both of those cocks and took them into her hands. She jerked them and sucked them both at the same time. Rachel told her son to cum first all over her tits. She then went over to Theo and jerked his load out on her tits. Her son shook his head and apologized to his buddy for her behavior. Rachel just smiled and told them to clean up for dinner.

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