Taboo Tales Volume 32

Released at: February 11, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Seducing Mrs. Steele Rachel had retired to bed. She heard the television on in the living room. She threw a robe on and went to see who was there. Matt, her son's best friend, was there watching television. Rachel asked why he was up so late. He told her his girlfriend broke up with him, and he did not want to be alone. Rachel tried to console him. He told her his girl was jealous of Rachel. Rachel was shocked because she was in her 40s and could not see why a young girl would be jealous of her. Matt told Rachel he would compare his girl to Rachel and it pissed her off. Rachel laughed. Matt looked at Rachel's cleavage as her robe slipped. Rachel pulled it shut, trying to cover up. Matt told Rachel he had a serious crush on her and had so for years. Rachel blushed, reminding him that it was normal but not real. She got up and headed back to bed. Matt let her leave, but then he went to her room and walked in. He began the seduction. He took his shirt off and took her hand, then unzipped his pants and let them drop. He took his underwear off to show her his throbbing cock. Rachel, being in her 40s, was at her sexual peak and so was he. He laid her back and slid her panties to the side. He put his finger in her, and she moaned. Rachel touched his cock and lowered her head to suck him. He fingered her until she came. Rachel sucked his cock until he was ready to explode. He told her to lay back and masturbate, and as she did, he came all over her pussy and panties. Rachel sat up and looked at him, and he giggled. They both loved every minute of it. Scene 2 - The MILF Next Door Rachel divorced and moved into a new house. The place needed a lot of work. She spent all her savings buying the house and had to do the move herself. She struggled with heavy boxes when a young man showed up and offered to help. Rachel appreciated that. He noticed her laundry basket was full of sexy lingerie, so he picked up a few items, and Rachel caught him. She asked him how old he was, and where he went to school. They made small talk. Rachel saw the way he was staring at her. She told him she left her husband because he could not keep up with her sexual appetite. She told him she was at her sexual peak and compatible with guys his age. He lifted his brow. Rachel giggled and blushed. The sexual tension was strong. He told her he lived next door with a few other guys. This made Rachel hornier. She knew she would have plenty of cock in this neighborhood. She picked up a bottle of lube from the basket and showed it to him. He asked what she used it for, and Rachel offered a demo. She unzipped the young lad's pants and oiled up his cock. Rachel pulled her tits out and pushed them in his face. She slipped her mini skirt off and opened her legs for him to play with her wet crotch. He fingered her as she stoked him. Rachel came on his hand fast. Then she got on her knees and sucked his cum right out of his cock, shooting it all over her tits. She thanked him and offered him a tasty sandwich. Scene 3 - Suck My Cock Mom or I Will Tell Jonathan left a mess in every room of the house. One day, Rachel was fed up and began yelling at him for his laziness. Later, he opened the laptop to start a report and saw a porn video; it was Miss Keri and Rachel sucking some dude's cock! He knew now what she did at night. He came into the living room and told them both he saw it and would tell on her. Rachel was furious at his cocky attitude and told him to shut up. He said if they did not do what he wanted, he would expose both of them. First, he had then strip then suck each other's tits. He made Rachel lick Miss Keri's pussy. He had them lay on the floor and 69. Then he dropped his shorts and told them to suck his cock like they did in the video. They did as they were told. He told Rachel to lie down, and Miss Keri sat on her face. Rachel licked her pussy while Miss Keri sucked his cock. When he was ready to cum, he shot a huge load all over her face, then she leaned down to share and swap the cum with Rachel.

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