Taboo Tales Volume 39

Released at: June 18, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Cream Pie for Kelsie, then her Mother Anthony is a cocky young man. He has been waiting to screw his stepsister Kelsie for sometime. He is sure he could please her more than her boyfriend. Now he has decided to prove it to her. Kelsie's in the bathroom putting on her makeup for a date. All she is wearing is a towel. Anthony walks in and tells her he needs to use the John. Kelsie protests, but Anthony pays her no mind. When he is done, he comes over and starts teasing her. Kelsie tells him to get out. She says it is not right for her brother to be in the bathroom with her. Anthony tells it is okay since he is only her stepbrother. He starts pawing her playfully. She wriggles and squirms under his hands. Let's have sex, he says suddenly. Kelsie says no way. Anthony persists and wears down his stepsister's resistance. He leads her to the bed in the next room and pushes her down on the mattress. Kelsie struggles feebly as Anthony pulls off her towel and begins sucking on her nipples. It does not take long for her to join in the spirit of things. After Anthony has licked her pussy a little, Kelsie agrees to suck his cock; on the condition, that he does not tell anyone. Anthony assures his stepsister it will be a family secret. That was good enough for Kelsie. For a long time she works him over with her mouth. She sucks him in several positions and cannot help admitting to Anthony that his cock is bigger and better than her boyfriend's. Anthony loves to know when he has one-upped a guy. He thanks Kelsie by eating pussy again and fucking her hard missionary-style with her legs pinned back to her shoulders. He pounds her doggy-style for good measure, then returns to missionary and shoots a hot load of cum in Kelsie's pussy. It leaks out all over her crotch, giving her a big cream pie. Although it is a great fuck for both of them, Kelsie soon regrets it. She dresses and goes to find her mother. The two of them are close and can talk about anything. Rachel is in the kitchen washing dishes when her daughter walks in. Kelsie immediately tells her how Anthony pestered her into having sex. Rachel listens in disbelief. Kelsie says she does not know what to do. She cannot think straight. Her boyfriend is picking her up soon and she thinks Anthony might try to have sex with her again some time. Rachel assures her daughter she would not let that happen. After telling Kelsie to forget everything and enjoy her date, Rachel heads to Anthony's room to talk with him. She finds her stepson on his bed in his boxers. She asks him flat-out if he had sex with Kelsie. Anthony's guilty reaction says it all. Rachel is displeased, but she is not mad. She tells him that Kelsie is young and vulnerable and that he must not have sex with her again. Anthony says he cannot make any promises. Absently, he starts rubbing his cock through his boxers. Rachel notices and loses some of her assurance. Anthony asks her who he is supposed to have sex with if not Kelsie. Rachel offers various suggestions and Anthony shoots them all down. He pulls his cock out his boxers and starts stroking it. He looks at Rachel and grins. His stepmom looks great in her short denim skirt and low cut vest. Now, you want to suck my cock? It is bigger than dad's, he says. Rachel gawks at her stepson. Suddenly she gets the picture; if she wants Anthony to lay off Kelsie, she will have to take her place in the sex department. Rachel can hardly believe herself when she accepts the conditions. Anthony is all smiles as she kneels at his side and starts giving him a blowjob. As she sucks up and down his cock, Rachel grows a little more eager each time. Anthony pulls down her vest, baring her big breasts. He sucks on her nipples and makes her groan. Rachel lies down on the bed and Anthony straddles her chest, fucking his cock between her breasts and into her mouth. Oh, yes, Rachel groans. Your father does not do this for me. Soon she is gladly sucking him down to the root. When Anthony wants to fuck her pussy, Rachel grants him it provided he promises to keep his word that he will leave Kelsie alone. Anthony agrees and promptly thrusts into her. He goes deep, pushing Rachel's thighs far back. You are definitely bigger than your dad, she chants through her moans. Anthony smiles: he has upped his dad too! He pumps Rachel expertly, slamming her hard against the mattress so that her breasts bounce and shake. Rachel loses herself in her pleasure. She begs Anthony to come inside mommy. He duly obliges, growling as he fills his stepmom with everything he has got. When Anthony's done, Rachel sits up, breathless. Together they watch his cum seep out of her pussy. Rachel dresses and reminds Anthony that he cannot have Kelsie anymore. Anthony grins and shakes his head. Now that I have had you both, I can fuck either of you whenever I want, he says. Cocky bastard. Scene 2 - Sex Craved Family Rachel is tired of her husband ignoring her. She decides to tease her step-son. She is cleaning around him and lets her breasts fall out of her top. He is taken back but Rachel knows he is interested. She tells him to feel them and he is embarrassed. He does reach out and she grabs his hands and places them on her. She rubs his crotch and feels his cock. She pulls his cock out stroking it. She asks him if he would like to play with his step-mom. She leads him into the bedroom. She gives him a good blow job and strokes him well. He is close to cumming and she tells him to relax. She goes back to sucking his cock. Just then her husband walks in. He tells Rachel not to move, she tells him to watch as his son pleases her better then he can. She sucks his cock again and Rachel's husband laughs. Not bad but I have a surprise for you. In walks Rachel's daughter and she drops to her knees to suck her step dad's cock. Rachel is mortified to see her daughter doing this. The husband tells Rachel they have been doing this for months. Rachel's daughter smiles at her mom and tells her to please her brother as she pleases daddy. Rachel tells Kelsie and her father to join them on the bed. Kelsie sucks her brother off as Rachel finally gets some pleasure from hubby! The competition is on! Both Mother and daughter sucked there cocks until Dad and son began to fuck them both. They switched several positions until Rachel and her daughter wanted their men to cum. Rachel and Kelsie worked on the Anthony first licking and jerking him until he creamed all over their faces. Then they worked over dad. It was not long before Dad frosted them both. Rachel and Kelsie looked at each other's cum filled faces and smiled. Rachel took Kelsie's face in her hand and gave her a big kiss. They all collapsed on the bed as one big happy family.

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