Taboo Tales Volume 4

Released at: September 8, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Spring Break Cheating MILF Rachel and her husband had stayed at a hotel on their way to visit friends. They did not realize it was spring break and the hotel was full of young college students. Rachel and hubby went to the beach. The young guys could not take their eyes off Rachel. She loved the attention. She made a few friends. Her husband got pissed at her behavior and left to go back to the room. She soon followed. He locked her out. Rachel went to a guy's room she met. He let her in and she told him how upset she was. He began rubbing her shoulders. Rachel lay down and he kept rubbing on her. She asked him where his girl was. He told her she split with another guy. Rachel told him she was going to leave her husband. He took the opportunity and began touching between her legs. She was reluctant but turned on. He kissed her and got on top, humping her slowly. Rachel gave in to her lust. They took off their clothes. She saw his nice young cock and took it. He was in his glory, and Rachel was so horny. Rachel knew he was ready to cum, so she took it all over her face. She told him she would go to her husband with her cum-covered face. Scene 2 - Hot for Teacher Josh had been acting out in class, so his teacher Miss Love her made a visit to talk to Rachel. Rachel called Josh in the room. The teacher said his work was poor and he was making sexual advances towards her. Rachel looked at Josh and winked. She was turned on that he was venturing out after older women as she taught him. Rachel took his hand and placed it on her breast. The teacher was shocked. She said there was nothing wrong with his behavior. The teacher squirmed a bit, but was aroused by them touching each other in front of her. Rachel reached over and gently opened the teacher's dress. She caressed her tits while Josh watched. Josh took her clothes off. Rachel stripped down, and then they took his cock out. Josh was hard, and Miss Love could not resist. She began to slowly suck his cock as Rachel coached her. Both of them jerked his cock until he shot his load all over their tits. Scene 3 - Swallow the Load & Write the Check Rachel and Josh had a cleaning business that targeted the wealthy homes. They were tired of living in a trailer and being broke, so Rachel and Josh devised a plan. They would have young Josh seduce Mrs. Love while Rachel took pictures. Josh worked hard for her that day. When he was finished, she told him how much she appreciated his efforts. He sat next to her and told her he loved helping her. Josh poured on the charm, complimenting her. Mrs. Love's husband traveled all the time, so she was a desperate housewife. Josh slid his hand up her silky thigh. She did not resist. He laid her back and kissed her neck. Josh sucked on her tits and fingered her wet pussy. She moaned in pleasure. Rachel was sneaking pictures of them for blackmail. Josh began fucking her until she came. He stood up, and she took his cock in her mouth. Rachel walked in and laughed. Mrs. Love was humiliated. Rachel showed her the pictures. She pushed her head on Josh's cock, forcing her to finish the job. Rachel pulled her tits out for Josh to play with. She coached him to shoot his load in Mrs. Love's mouth while Rachel snapped another picture and told her to write them a big fat check. Scene 4 - Tease, Deny, Count Down, Post-Tease Rachel and Stacie do a slow tease handjob on this poor man. They show off their bodies and kiss each other. Rachel claws his cock with her nails as Stacie laughs. He quivers. They lick his cock side by side. Rachel focuses on his head. They comment on how it is changing color the more they tease him. Rachel does some pussy play with his rod. Stacie and Rachel pull out their tits, Rachel give a good tit fuck tease. He is about to cum, they yell at him not to. Rachel holds her hand over his hole and compels him to stop. He is shaking. They giggle and hold his now purple-veined cock straight up to look at it. They lick up the sides and end in a French kiss. Now it is time, so Rachel and Stacie do a count down from ten. Does he make it? Rachel continues to jerk his hard cock after he cums. The man is in agony.

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