Taboo Tales Volume 40

Released at: February 19, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Fuck Me For Money Jinny owes the IRS $5,000, and Robert is the only person she knows who could lend her the money. After calling him, Jinny goes over to his house. She enters in a smart beige business suit. Robert is waiting for her on the living-room couch. Jinny immediately explains the situation, telling Robert she stands to lose everything if she does not pay up. Robert tells her he will only help if she promises to be his slave. Jinny agrees. She promises to do his dry-cleaning, give him a pedicure...whatever he wants! They shake on it. Now Robert has her right where he wants her. He tells Jinny to stand up and take her top off. She hesitates, but Robert asks her pointedly whether she wants the money or not. Jinny realizes she has no choice but to play ball, so she removes her top. Robert is just getting started. He makes Jinny strip completely. Once she is naked, he takes a moment to appreciate her body, then orders her onto her knees to suck his cock. Jinny complies. Despite her reluctance, she does a good job of sucking and deep-throating her brother. Robert then takes her into his bedroom. He wants to see what other skills she has. On the bed, she sucks his cock some more then gets down into the doggy-position. He moves in behind her, lines his cock with the opening of her pussy, and thrusts in. Jinny is overwhelmed by his length. She groans and takes him as best she can. Robert loves it. He bends over and fondles his dangling breasts as he pushes deep inside her, then decides he wants to fuck her in the ass. Jinny allows him to take her hard. When he is done, Robert gets one last blowjob then shoots a load of cum over her face. Jinny certainly earned that loan! Scene 2 - Just Sit There and Watch Rachel's husband is having an affair with a colleague and seldom gives his wife any attention. One evening, he happens to stay home with her. As they sit on the couch, barely talking, the doorbell rings. Rachel answers. It is Kevin, her husband's best friend. She leads him into the living room where they exchanges hellos, then takes a seat on the couch. They chat a while, then Rachel surprises her husband by getting up, going over to Kevin, nestling against him, and draping one of her long, sleek legs over his. When her husband asks her what she is doing, Rachel grins and tells him that she is doing the same thing he has been doing. Her husband feigns ignorance. Rachel then reveals that she knows all about his affair and has photograph proof. Such evidence, she says, is all she needs to take him to the cleaners on grounds of adultery. Her husband is lost for words. He knows Rachel has him over a barrel. He listens helplessly as she tells him with relish that his own best-friend Kevin was the one who told her about it. Kevin is a friend of Rachel's too, and he could not just stand by and watch her get hurt. Kevin readily admits it, and Rachel's husband is shocked by this betrayal. But things are only just beginning. Rachel wants her husband to know how it feels to be cheated on. She tells him she is going to suck and fuck his best-friend right in front of him! Her husband knows it is futile to protest. The risk of crossing his wife and having her ruin him in court is too great. Rachel stands up and tugs down the front of her dress to bare her breasts so Kevin can play with them and suck on her nipples. While he's doing so, she sits back on the couch and spreads her legs wide, allowing his fingers to stroke and caress her pussy through her lacy black panties. She enjoys telling her husband how much better Kevin is at pleasing her than he is. Her husband can only sit and suffer as his best-friend pulls aside his wife's panties, pushes her legs far back, and starts licking her pussy. Rachel then gets on her knees to give Kevin some oral-loving of his own. When he pulls out his cock, Rachel turns to her husband and smiles. "He has a larger one than you do, honey," she says. Then she is licking it all over, making sure her cuckold husband gets a good view. Once Kevin's cock is lubed, Rachel takes it deep into her mouth, fucking her lips slowly up and down its length. She has never done that for her husband. Next, Rachel takes Kevin's cock between her lovely big breasts. After pushing them together and giving him a hard titty-fuck, she turns her attention to licking and sucking his balls. She works him sensually while her dejected husband looks on. For a finale, she gives Kevin another blowjob until he unleashes a wad of hot cum all over her face. It is sweet revenge for Rachel, and her husband feels like a chump. Through gritted teeth, he bids his ex-buddy goodbye, knowing that he will be back to fuck Rachel whenever she pleases. Scene 3 - Mr. Johnson Mr. Johnson is a demanding boss. He enforces a strict dress-code and frequently criticizes his staff. Late one afternoon, he was in his office, checking a report by Ms. Steele. Dissatisfied with it, he calls her in. Rachel enters, wearing a conservative dress-suit. Mr. Johnson immediately tells her that her report is not good enough. He says that as he needs it by 7.30 the next morning, she will have to take it home and redo it. Rachel protests, but Mr. Johnson is not listening. He tells her he will drop by that evening to pick it up. Rachel bites her tongue and walks out. Several hours later, Rachel is back at home working on the report. Free from the rule of her boss, she dresses as she pleases - in a tight top and Daisy dukes. Just as she was finishing up, there was a knock at the door. Rachel knows it can only be Mr. Johnson, and she swears as she goes to let him in. When Rachel opens the door to him, Mr. Johnson is surprised. He has never seen her in such revealing clothes before. He tries not to stare at Rachel's legs and cleavage as she coldly tells him the report is done before leading him inside. At the dining room table, Mr. Johnson flips through the report while Rachel sits opposite him. After a moment, he puts it down and tells her that he is pleased with it. As he does so, his voice trails off and his attention shifts to Rachel's legs and the way they are crossed. Rachel suddenly realizes she could get a lot out of her boss if she plays her cards right. She crosses to the table and sits down close to him. Mr. Johnson looks on with silent appreciation as Rachel begins to tease him by stretching out her legs. His bossy manner is long gone as she lays her foot on his chest and trails it down to the bulge in his pants. Seeing how docile Mr. Johnson has become, Rachel decides to let him know how pissed she is at having to re-write the report. With calculating seductiveness, she moves into his lap and asks him who the real boss is. Mr. Johnson is not sure anymore. Rachel makes it clear by unbuckling his pants, pulling out her breasts, and giving him her nipples to suck. She then drops to her knees, oils up her breasts, and gives him a tit-job. Afterwards, she gives the underside of his cock a loving licking. While doing so, she mentions how nice it would be if he made her a senior partner. Mr. Johnson is not fully at her mercy yet and he manages to tell Rachel she will need to do more persuading first. Rachel rises to his challenge. Her mouth works his cock with renewed vigor. Rachel shows him what skilful tricks she can do for him with her hands and mouth. She even lets him have another suck on her nipples. She then repeats her suggestion of a senior partnership. Mr. Johnson says he remains to be convinced. Running out of patience, Rachel starts jerking off her boss harder than ever. Soon, it is too much for him. He agrees to her proposal so long as she makes him cum. That is no trouble for Rachel. With a final flurry of strokes, licks, caresses and plenty of sucking, she even has Mr. Johnson begging her to be his business partner. For good measure, she lays down a few conditions. She tells Mr. Johnson that she now owns his cock and that she will be com

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