Taboo Tales Volume 41

Released at: June 20, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Text Message Leads to Sex with Son This was a custom video. Joe checked his phone and saw that he had two new text messages, both from his mother. The first one he opened said, Umm sorry hun, that wasn't meant 4 u, just pretend u didn't c that. The earlier one said, my pussy is sooo wet, thinking of what I will do for you next time we are together again, I'm so horny, and I can't wait. After a moment's consideration, he typed back, I cannot wait 2 c u again 2, my big hard cock is dying for some more of our special attention... oh, oops, hi mum. Much flirting and teasing went back and forth on the phones until they signed off. That night Rachel came home from work. She asked how his day went. He replied that it was fine and watched TV. Rachel told him that his father was out of town tonight so it was just the two of them. He grabbed his phone and texted her, even though she was sitting right next to him, asking, so when's dinner & what do you have in mind. She replied for to go clean his room. The texting turned to sexier matters. Rachel texted about how it would be fun to get fucked but she could not do it because it was too naughty. Joe wanted to know what position she liked. The tension built to a head until Rachel set her phone down and said what you are going to do about it. Joe stuttered a reply. Rachel said that he could not fuck her but had some other ideas. She told him that it would be very naughty if he jacked off for her. She told him that he had 10 seconds to get his pants off before she changed her mind. Joe was out of his pants in 5 seconds. Rachel was taken back because she did not think he would do it. She leaned back against him and told him to start jerking. She stared as he jerked his cock until she felt his hand on her ass. She said, mmmm, you are being a little touchy do not you think Joe, touching your mother's behind. Rachel slid to the floor, her fingers spread out as her hands slowly slid up his hairy thighs, and as her hands moved over his hips and up his sides. She licked the inside of his thighs and moved to his cock. Joe said, I cannot believe my own mother is licking my dick. Joe groaned in pleasure. Rachel asked him if he wanted to take it one naughty step further. She reached into her purse, opened it and pulled out a condom. She held it up as she smiled at him, I would not want to get pregnant by my own son now would I? No, we would not want that. He slid the condom on. She stepped out of her panties but left the skirt on as she stepped up and straddled him. Rachel said; now, remember I said that you cannot fuck me. He replied that he did. She said, well, that does not mean that I cannot fuck you. She slid down onto his hard cock taking it deep inside her. She rode his cock until he said he was ready to cum. She told him to cum inside her and pressed her lips firmly against his. She climbed off his cock and pulled the condom off. She held it up and examined the load he shot. She upended the condom and squeezed the cum out onto his still hard cock. She licked and sucked all the cum off his cock. She asked him if he wanted to do it again and if he had a condom. He replied that he did not use them. She was still horny. She climbed back onto his cock and bounced up and down. She said she would do anything to keep having him fuck her. Joe said then take off your dress because I want you naked while you fuck me. Rachel stripped off her dress and bra, never stopping her fucking. She rode him to orgasm. She said she had another naughty thought. She climbed off and told him to stand up. She sat on the couch and started sucking his pussy juice covered cock. She groaned as she blew him. She sucked him until he was ready to cum and jerked him off onto her tongue. Scene 2 - Nephew to the Rescue Rachel had been widowed for years. She had a huge farm to keep up and it was just too much for her. She called her sister for help. Kevin her nephew, came to Rachel to help her. He had not seen her in years. Kevin arrived and was shocked at how stunningly beautiful his aunt was. Rachel showed Kevin around the farm and he went to work fixing the barn. He had been having sexual thoughts about her. Rachel was so happy to have him there; she was very lonely and had not realized how nice it was to have a man around again. One afternoon Kevin saw Rachel crying on her bed. Rachel was missing her husband and Kevin's presence reminded her of him. Kevin entered her room and asked her what was wrong. Rachel tried to wipe away her tears and act like everything was alright but it came out how lonely she had been. Kevin knew she was venerable and began to console his hot lonely aunt. Rachel was reluctant when he made his move. She fell into his arms and could not resist. Before she knew it, he was removing her clothes and kissing her. Rachel's passion got the best of her and she went for it. He was a grown man so she let it happen. His cock was huge and fully erect. Rachel eagerly sucked her young nephew until she was soaking wet. Kevin straddled her and tit fucked his horny aunt. Rachel sucked the head of his cock as it slid in between her voluptuous breasts. He came hard as Rachel opened her mouth to catch his entire hot load. They both smiled. Kevin asked Rachel if there was anything else she needed fixed. Scene 3 - Son, You Need the Real Thing! Rachel made it very clear to her son she did not allow any porn in their house. Steven could not help but sneak his cherished magazines in his room to relieve himself daily. He had a secret; he was attracted to woman in their 40s. His hot mom did not help matters. She was his reason for his desires. Rachel had walked into his room and found him cock in hand jerking with a magazine. He tried to hide it but she took it from him. Rachel saw it was a magazine full of woman in their 40s. She confronted him about it. He confessed he was turned on and did not find girls his age sexy. Rachel became jealous she wanted his affection. She asked if he thought she was sexy. He told her she was. Rachel gave him an evil grin as she began to pose in front of him. His cock grew erect at his mother's advances. Rachel slowly stripped her clothes off teasing him with her hot body. Steve was confused but mesmerized. Rachel crawled on his bed and asked him if he wanted to touch her tits. He reached out and it was on! He sucked on her like he was a baby again. Rachel threw her head back and moaned. She did not care that it was her son; all she knew was how good it felt to have him so worked up over her. Rachel stroked and sucked his cock. Steven fingered his mom until she spilled cum all over the comforter. She pointed the wet spot out to him telling him to look at what he did to her. Rachel told him it was his turn to cum and she got on her knees sucking his cock vigorously allowing him to cum in her mouth. Rachel told him to throw away his magazines; he had the real thing now.

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