Taboo Tales Volume 44

Released at: February 25, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Stop Fucking my Lover Rachel lives next door to another MILF Penny, her ultimate competition. The young neighborhood stud has come home from college. Rachel is heading next door to see her friend. The front door is open, and no one answers. Rachel enters and cannot find anyone. She hears a noise coming from the bedroom room and heads toward it. Rachel is shocked to see her friend fucking her own young lover. Rachel bursts in, but neither are shocked. Rachel asks how they could do such a thing. Penny tells her he is the best fuck she has ever had. They grab Rachel's hand and pull her toward the bed. After watching for a couple minutes, Rachel sucks his cock while Penny mounts his face. She tells Rachel to climb on that cock. Rachel rides his cock while Penny rides his face. The MILFs kiss and suck each other's tits while enjoying his cock and face. Both MILFs cum hard. They switch places and enjoy this little college stud some more. They play in a few more positions. Penny tells Rachel to suck him with her. Both women suck his hard cock. Watch how hard he cums, she tells Penny. He explodes all over both MILFs faces. They kiss, and Rachel tells Penny she is a bad influence, but that is why she loves her! Scene 2 - Friend's Horny Mother It was summer break and Billy's mom, Sara had been alone for years and was at her sexual prime. Billy's friend from school dropped by one afternoon. Sara invited him in as soon as she saw how much he had grown. Her head was full of naughty ideas. The young man sat as she poured him a cold drink. His eyes wandered over her sexy body. Sara knew he was checking her out and used it to her advantage. She sat flirting with him. He answered her questions about girls and school. The young man complained that the girls were immature and boring. Sara began to rub her foot on his leg showing sympathy. She told him he had plenty of time to be with girls. She rubbed his shoulders and commented on how he must be working out. He blushed. Sara stood in front of him and smiled. She slowly got on her knees and rubbed his thighs. She saw his cock rise in his pants. Sara did not care that he was her son's friend; she was so horny. She took his cock out and sucked it good. He moaned with pleasure, college girls do not suck like that, he thought. She stood up and took off her sundress. The young man knew what she wanted; he fucked Sara hard on the kitchen table. She came all over his cock fast. Sara got back on her knees to finish the young lad off. She sucked his cock until he blew his hot gooey load all over her face. Sara told him to stay until her son returned. Scene 3 - Rachel's Healing Touch One day, John was out working hard on their farm. He was cleaning out a stall in the barn when he stepped on a rake, it flew up and hit him in the crotch. He bent over in pain. He thought it would subside but it became worse. John stumbled to the house calling out for Rachel. She stopped what she was doing and went to his side, comforting him and again asking where did he hurt. Finally John pointed to his crotch. Rachel told him to go take a cool shower to prevent swelling then for him to lay down. John showered for a long time, then went to bed. Rachel woke him and asked how he felt. She insisted she take a peek to decide if he needed medical attention. She touched his groin area and in a soothing voice told him it was ok. She took his penis in her hands and examined it. Rachel had some lotion for swelling she told him she would need to apply some. Rachel gently stroked it onto his cock. His cock grew hard with her comforting touch. Rachel smiled and rubbed more onto his balls. Then she leaned in, looking him in the eyes, and licked the head of his cock. Rachel asked if it felt good, and he told her it did. John told her he had never had that done before. Rachel saw his balls were full and knew they needed to be emptied. Rachel began to suck his cock. John moaned her name and took her hair away from her face so he could watch. Rachel gave him one last deep glance for approval and sucked and jerked his cock until he burst. Rachel licked his cum off her lips.

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