Taboo Tales Volume 5

Released at: September 15, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Birthday Wish The cake comes out with MILF Rachel and young blonde Shirley singing happy birthday. Rachel asks the birthday boy to make a wish and blow out the candles. He closes his eyes and makes a wish. He imagines.... His secret wish; he is in control. He wants Rachel to masturbate while sexy, young 18 year old Shirley sucks his cock. Rachel moans and complies to his wish, masturbating while Shirley sucks his cock like a pro. Rachel is so turned on, she gets on her knees and joins Shirley. He then has Shirley get on the table and masturbate for him. Then both women take his load in their mouths, Rachel holds her hand and gets some cum. The two beauties lick it up. He blows out the candles and Rachel asks him what he wished for? He tells her a new car and smiles. Sex Addict Next Door Rachel and Jock had a visit from their new neighbor Keri. Rachel was pressed for time as she was late for work. She invited Keri to stay and visit Jock while the movers finished. Rachel left. Keri made small talk, then she moved to sit next to Jock. She began fidgeting while he talked to her. She became more and more distracted by what he was saying. Keri interrupted him and told him her problem. She is a sex addict. She had been in counseling for years, but nothing seemed to work. He was very turned on. Keri, like an addict, asked him to help her out. He agreed. She quickly got to her knees and pulled his huge young cock out. Keri spit on it and sucked it like it was a piece of candy. She loved cock. Jock was in MILF heaven. Rachel had forgotten something for work and went back home. She walked in on them. Keri jumped up, mortified. She clutched at her clothing trying to dress. Rachel stood there with a big smile. Jock did not even hide his erect wet cock. He smiled at Rachel. Keri was confused. Rachel asked what was going on. Keri confessed her addiction. Rachel laughed and told her she and Jock had sex all the time. Keri also loved women, so she was super horny now. Rachel got on her knees and removed her blouse with an evil grin she oiled the young stud's cock. Keri was relieved that Rachel and Jock were so open-minded. She could not believe she was involved in a hot three way. Rachel loved Jock's hot young body. Keri could not keep her hands off Rachel; she kissed her and sucked her tits. Rachel threw her head back and massaged Keri's pussy. Jock was being stroked by both of them. Rachel moved up to kiss Jock and let him get to her pussy. Rachel came hard on Keri's face while Keri slurped away at his cock. The both wanted his cum so Rachel, being the polite hostess, offered his cum in Keri's mouth. Keri then dribbled it into Rachel's mouth. They kissed and swapped the cum. Rachel welcomed her new hot neighbor, addiction and all. Cheating Cuckold Rachel is a conservative housewife. Her husband travels with his job a lot. Rachel is loyal to him and never complains. Her husband has become bored with their marriage and is having multiple affairs. Rachel is not stupid. She found out what he was up to on the road and had a plan to get him back. Rachel greeted him wearing a long, frumpy dress. She made some small talk and told him she had a surprise. Rachel pulled out a pair of black handcuffs and offered him some spicy sex. He was shocked but agreed. She cuffed him then slipped into the bedroom to change. She returned in a hot outfit. It was very slutty. He loved it on her. She was never like that - missionary sex only and maybe once a month if he was lucky. She teased him up on the table, spreading her legs and playing with herself. His cock was erect and standing at attention. Rachel got on her knees and offered him a blowjob, which she also never did. She sucked him like a pro. Rachel worked his cock head until he was so sensitive, her touch made him jump. She worked his cock harder knowing it was teasing him. She compelled pre-cum out and sucked it up, claiming his cock as her own. He squirmed and jumped in pain. Rachel laughed and told him she had another surprise! After Rachel had his cock, she racked her nails up and down his sore dick. She laughed at him. She stood up and told him she knew he was a cheating bastard. He denied it but she had her proof. Her next surprise was a man. She brought him in and made hubby watch. Rachel pulled the man's cock out and sucked away, looking in her husband's eyes. He was furious. He yelled at her to stop and called her a slut and a whore. Rachel giggled and said she could not talk with her mouth full. Her husband was still hard, so Rachel teased his cock by stroking it. She sucked him a little, then sucked her new man. She jerked both cocks and laughed at his reaction. He never knew his perfect wife was such a whore. Rachel was so wet she stood up and bent over the table for her man to fuck her good. She was face to face with hubby while the man pounded her from behind. Rachel sucked hubby's cock and let her man fuck her until she came three times in hubby's face. The man slapped her on the ass and she knelt down as he frosted her face. Rachel turned to hubby and grabbed his cock; she jerked for a second then denied him his orgasm. He did not deserve it. She left him cuffed and hard with another man's cum on his cock.

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