Taboo Tales Volume 9

Released at: November 1, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - The Principal's Office Rachel was called to Brian's school to meet with the principal Mrs. Lowry. He had been streaking at school and pulling his cock out and waving it at the girls. Rachel was furious. As they talked, he stood up and pulled his pants down. They were shocked. He stroked his cock in front of them as they told him to stop. He went over to Mrs. Lowry, and she became aroused at the size of his young cock. Apparently, she had been having sex with the students. Rachel was horrified but secretly aroused too. She closed the door and moved over to stop them. Brian grabbed her massive tits and began unbuttoning her dress. Rachel protested, but he was stronger, and she was so horny from a lack of sex. They stroked his cock together. Mrs. Lowry opened her legs to reveal her wet pussy; Brian fingered it as Rachel, still a bit reluctantly, sucked his cock. Both women licked and sucked him. Brian bent Mrs. Lowry over the desk and began fucking her. Rachel sat up, and Mrs. Lowry ate her pussy. Rachel and Brian both came at the same time. Rachel yelled at him not to cum in her. Brian came on her ass. Finally he did what he was told! Scene 2 - Jerk Them for Dinner Rachel and Arianna had their new boyfriends over and were waiting for them to get ready for dinner. They called the girls into the bedroom to give them a surprise. They were naked and hard on the bed. Rachel and Arianna did not expect that, but they are horny as always, so they jumped on the bed. The oiled up their cocks and jerked them. The MILFs took turns and double jerked as well. They teased them with their pussies. Arianna's boyfriend came first, then she played with Rachel's tits and coached Rachel's boyfriend till he came in her mouth and on her face. Now the ladies wanted an expensive meal. Arianna's boyfriend said "let's order a pizza." Rachel and Arianna were pissed! From now on, they never suck cock until after dinner. Scene 3 - I am All You Need Rachel called home and told her husband she would not be home until the next day because she had too much work. Actually, she was headed out to a party with a co-worker she had been fucking. Kelsie knew what her mom was up to, but could not tell her stepfather. He went to her room to tell her that his wife would not be home. She was angry and told him he did not need her. He explained that as a man he had needs and Rachel fulfilled those. Kelsie wanted to prove to him she was grown up enough to please him. She pushed him down and unzipped his pants. He told her to stop, but she wanted to show him what she could do. He saw how sexy his wife's daughter had become and due to a major lack of sex he gave in to the taboo lust. Kelsie sucked his cock until he became so aroused he wanted to fuck the little girl. She willingly propped her ass up in the air and gave it to him. They fucked and he came inside her. Kelsie smiled knowing her pussy was so much hotter than her mom's. She saw he was still hard and sucked him until he exploded all over her pretty little face. Kelsie gave an evil grin and told him to get rid of her for good. Scene 4 - MILF at Your Mercy Rachel's husband left his estate to his son. He was a bastard to Rachel all their married life and had no respect for women. With her stepson in control of everything, he treated her like shit. Rachel was at his mercy or she would be out on the streets. She came home after a day at the beach. Ryan and his friend Brian were sitting on the couch. He ordered her to get them a beer. She gave it to them and started to walk away, but Ryan called her back. He told her he owed his buddy $10 and for her to blow him for it. They laughed. Rachel knew she had to do it. He pulled his cock out and stroked it watching her humiliated. He told her to suck his friend and jerk him at the same time. Then he grabbed her by the hair and compelled her deep on Brian's cock Rachel then sucked Ryan off, too. He made her take a huge facial from his buddy, and then he had her cum covered face suck him off till he frosted her face with his load. They laughed at her again. Poor Rachel!

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