Take Me Away From My Husband 3 - Saya

Released at: July 8, 2009 by Momotaro
Meet Saya, a cute, young, innocent Asian girl looking for Mr. Right. Watch as she finds a special someone and not only shows her interests outside the bedroom, but her freakish style in the bedroom! Scenes include much dialogue and a story-based theme to get to know Saya and her quest for the right guy. But the movie also includes some seriously hot action, including a cumshot that leaves Saya with a mouthful!

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Scene1: 00:03:21 - 00:30:14 (26:53)

Scene2: 00:30:15 - 01:18:12 (47:57)

Scene3: 01:18:14 - 01:36:30 (18:16)

Scene4: 01:36:32 - 02:09:38 (33:06)