Take My Anal Virginity 8

Released at: December 29, 2020 by MOFOS
Daisy Stone is following a trend to get rid of all of the extra clothes that she has in hopes to become more zen. Some of the clothes won't even fit over her big mound of plump juicy ass. She eventually gets bored so she takes a break hoping that her boyfriend will break her off some cock in her phat ass. My last tattoo artist looked NOTHING like Karma Rx. If they did, with that big smile, big tits, and... Everything else... I would have got more than a sleeve. You know? For a girl like this, I'd get anything done. She's obviously adventurous, but just HOW adventurous? Let's find out. My girlfriend loves cosplay and it's not really for me but her tight pink ass can get me to do anything. She knows that offering up her tight asshole will always get her way because I love stretching her out, I can't even believe that my big cock can fit into her tight little booty. My crazy ex-girlfriend Luna Rival came over and destroyed a bunch of my things she's crazy but she's insanely hot! Luna felt kinda bad about it after so I asked her to do the one thing she'd never do when we dated... I asked her if I could fuck her in the ass! She finally said yes so I filled that tight hole up with my big, hard cock!

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Karma RX

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Luna Rival

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