Take My Soul

Released at: December 15, 2020 by Meana Wolf
She led you down the back hallway of the club. She was so beautifuland so sad. She begged for you to fuck her said you could do anything to her she just wanted to feel something. She was so empty. But then a chill went up your spine and the lights went dark. She begged you not to leave. The air became heavy and a sinister laugh echoed through the back room of that derelict night club. Isnt it sad that one so lovely could be so empty?, a chilling voice said in the darkness. Then everything went black. Time froze, and the girl was locked in a dark embrace with the demon. A deal was made. A soul was taken. And now, changed and transformed the two sapphic monsters had set their sights on you. And they were ravenous. And they cackled and moaned with ecstasy as they feasted on your soul. Sucking every last drop from your body as they fuck the life out of you. And watching the light go out of your eyes, the demon whispered into her new creations ear and said You dont need a soul of your own when you can take someone elses. xoxo Meana Wolf ft Sindal Xie

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