Tastes In Common

Released at: February 11, 2022 by Girlsway
It's time for some yoga! Jenevieve Hexxx shows off her flexibility, stretching her beautiful body and twisting her legs into some truly impressive and sexy poses. But wait, she has a visitor! The lovely Serene Siren is here to get a yoga lesson from Jenevieve. McKenzie Lee, a realtor, invites Sheena Ryder, an interior designer, into a house she's trying to sell. McKenzie begins pitching ideas herself, but Sheena isn't sold. More friction is built between them and they start to get impatient with each other. To calm down, McKenzie suggests that they go to the bedroom to check out what's needed and then unexpectedly agree when it comes to sex. Blake Blossom is a mischievous teen who wants to skip class for a party, and goes to the class nurse (Candice Dare) to trick her into writing a sick note. But Candice is suspicious and checks Blake's mouth, ears, and neck, asking her what's wrong. Blake lies, telling her that she's having an issue with her vagina, thinking the nurse won't want to examine her down there. But she thought wrong, because Candice says she's fine with checking her vagina!

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