Tattooed Girls 2

Released at: January 29, 2018 by FullPornNetwork
**Lynn loves sausage egg breakfast sandwiches...and dick! ** Tattooed Amateur Kelsi Lynn and James Deen are engaged in a very stimulating and important conversation about fast food breakfast sandwiches. Naturally the next logical step is to remove Kelsi's pants so James can admire the beauty of her vulva. Admiration turns to touching, which leads to the petite punk porn newbie on her knees with James Deen's dick in her mouth. Kelsi is a pro at sucking cock and truly has turned this act into an art. The pair has awesome sex for a while and then says they are going to go eat some of this fast food breakfast they originally started out the video discussing. So the whole thing really comes full circle. ** Luna Lovely wants the James Deen punishment! ** Luna Lovely wants one thing. She wants James Deen to take her petite young body and do whatever he wants with it. Luna wants to serve and please. She sits on her knees in anticipation, waiting for James Deen to take control of her and do as he pleases. She squeals in ecstasy and joy as her tiny body is tossed around. Luna takes James' huge cock up her tight ass. He starts slowly, but in no time the tattooed anal slut is ready for the rough pounding that only James Deen can deliver. The more James dishes out, the more Luna begs for more. She wants to prove to James that no matter what slut has come before him, no one will be as obedient and delightful as her. She definitely is a contender for the title of queen of the sex slaves. **Tana Lea cums hard for James Deen...a lot! ** I'm not going to lie. I don't really know what is going on here. The best I can tell from the two minutes before James Deen starts fucking Tana Lea on camera is that Tana is new to porn. She seems to really want to fuck James Deen and like his blue eyes. James finds her body outstanding and especially likes her butt. Her butt is really nice so I am inclined to support his decision. I did a little research on the internet before writing this description, and I think Tana asked James to come over take her on camera virginity, or possibly help get her into porn. Really it's extremely hard to tell, but the tattooed red head looks really great having sex and she cums a lot. Those are the important parts. **Vivienne Wynter aka Aria Rae** Lustful Vivienne Wynter has heated sex in a hotel room. Vivienne gets her pussy pounded so hard, she's very sore afterwards. She is always very direct and to the point as you will watch in their vigorous sex scene.

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