Teacher's Pet #9

Released at: October 10, 2010 by Notorious Productions
These pets will do a lot more than just bang your erasers! Next week is the national spelling bee and Professor Baldwin wants to make sure his star pupil is up for the competition. Through an exciting new teaching technique of word association and practical application she is able to get a firm grasp of the situation. A young actress wants so bad to appear in the school's big year-end musical but unfortunately she doesn't have the vocal range for the role. Thank goodness she has a drama instructor willing to work on an oral technique with her that is sure to increase her singing ability. Shockwaves went through the school when the class valedictorian announced her chosen career would be prostitution, but this eighteen year old senior is very bullheaded and takes her case to the principal. All hell breaks out in the cafeteria when a food fight starts, and guess who gets caught red handed. Why, it's naughty little Kylie. Boy is she in trouble. Everybody knows what a disciplinarian Mr. Rommel is. Watch as Kylie discovers just how hard justice can be.

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