Teacher, Sister, Mommy

Released at: November 10, 2009 by First Blush Films
SPITEFUL SISTER: Annabelle isn't very fond of her sister-in-law because her sister-in-law thinks she's a trashy whore who smokes too much. Annabelle thinks she's just jealous and since it's her sister-in-law's anniversary, she decides to make a SPECIAL video just for her! PLAYTIME WITH MOMMY: Annabelle has noticed that you've been checking out her ass. Your hot mother-in-law takes off her clothes, shows you her pussy and masturbates just for you. It will be your little secret! THE PROFESSOR'S PROPOSAL: Annabelle is teaching her video lesson when she realizes that you're checking her out. She calls you to her office where she gets naked, seduces you and masturbates before your very eyes. Her work isn't done however, because all that she wants is for you to spew your load all over her face!

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