Teacher Teacher

Released at: March 18, 2017 by Jerky Girls
Horny cougar teacher keeps young boy after class. She masturbates him, shows him her big boobs, and then she rams her fingers up his asshole! She fingers his asshole while sucking and jerking the cum out of him! Miss Orabella is recently divorced. She has kept a student after class and informs young Joshua that she has had her eye on him! Miss Orabella tells young Joshua that she is going to suck his cock. The frightened young student pulls away fearing he will get in trouble but the aggressive Miss Orabella tells him he will get in trouble, if he DOESN'T do what he's told. The reluctant boy is made to pull his pants down, and Miss Orabella shows him her big tits, as she begins to masturbate him. The poor young boy had no idea what to expect next! Miss Orabella takes out a rubber glove, puts it on and shoves her finger up the young boy's asshole! As he squirms in p ain Miss Orabella rams more fingers up his Asshole, while she sucks and jerks a big blast of cum out of the young student. As he lays there covered in cum with a sore asshole, Miss Orabella makes him promise that he will not tell the Principal...he will not tell his mother...and he will not tell his classmates. She also makes him promise to do his homework.

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