TGirl Fantasies All-Stars

Released at: December 17, 2007 by Grooby
Bob's T Girls All Stars reintroduces 4 scenes featuring the most famous transsexual porn stars of the ~~T Girl Fantasy~~ series. Three of the classic scenes have been re-edited by Nick Nasty with cool music and previously deleted footage. The legendary Barbie & Aleze scene (among the most popular of the series) is included. Kimberly Devine from ~~TGF #2~~ takes control of her partner. She actually punches him when he doesn't do it the way she wants it. The added footage actually provides some humor besides making it hotter. The crazy scene with the late Madison, Kayla Coxx, & Paul is here. Last is Giselle's scene which needed no re-editing. If you're new to T Girl Fantasies, this is a great introductory DVD.

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