Thank You Stepdaddy

Released at: August 10, 2023 by My Pervy Family
Handling a teenage stepdaughter is definitely a lot of work. Especially when they're running around in a tiny onesie, calling you "Daddy!" all the time and begging to go to concerts. This is exactly the scenario Peter is facing with his stepdaughter Chloe and it doesn't stop there! No, Chloe unbuttons her onesie and reveals her big naturals to him as she grabs at his cock in the kitchen - while his wife is home! She even sneakily sucks him off behind the kitchen counter! Peter can't stop thinking about his stacked stepdaughter, so he decides to rub one out in the shower when Chloe shows up and wants to hop in with him. Peter can hardly resist as she gets in and he soaps up her big tits while she jerks him off. She convinces him to let her go to the concert and so Chloe sucks her stepfather off right there in the bathroom. They move to the bedroom and Peter porks Chloe's pristine pussy, she starts creaming up from her stepdad's fat cock. He makes her hairy pussy orgasm numerous times as her big pierced tits bounce around while getting fucked. After Chloe swallows her stepfather's load, he lets her go to her concert. Talk about negotiation skills!

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