That Sitcom Show Vol. 7: Still Married With Issues

Released at: December 21, 2021 by Nubiles
Kelly and her new "friend" are grinding away when Kelly asks him to cum for her. He pulls out at the last minute and pops his load all over Kelly's ass. They're just finishing up when Al and Peg return, catching them in the act! Peggy is happy enough with her marriage to Al, but once in a while she wonders how things could have been different if she married her college flame. She allows her mind and fingers to wander as she fantasizes! Kelly's date shows up just in time; she was so horny she was masturbating right before he arrived. She flashes her titties at him, then draws him in for a kiss. He's quick to get the hint and pulls her skirt up to get their "date" started. Peg joins Al in the living room to remind him that she has needs. Al; is reluctant at first, but eventually he agrees to go pussy diving once peels of Peg's leggings. Pulling Peg's thong to the side, Al proves he's still got it! Bud's date Haley shows up. Their awkwardness is palpable until Bud asks Haley if she's read an good books lately, Haley lights up and asks Bud if he's read the Kamasutra. It's going to be a very good date!

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