The Amazing Amber Part 2

Released at: July 2, 2021 by Amber Michaels Productions
I went to a shoot and had great expectations. I had heard this photographer was terrific and I did not want to miss this opportunity. When I arrived everything looked very casual and relaxed. I went into the bathroom changed into my Amazing Amber superhero bikini and was prepared for a really sexy shoot. At first, it was simple poses and lots of cheesecake sort of stuff. Showing off my curves in many poses. I felt very sexy. Then all of a sudden the photographer handed me a pair of handcuffs and had me put them on. Never handing me the keys I was a bit concerned, but I have been handcuffed before and was sure it was no big deal. He continued to take more photos of me and I played along smiling and posing for him. Then the tables seem to turn. He added chains to my body and bound me very strictly with them. Unable to move much I tried to pose, but my movement was restricted. And then out of nowhere he grabbed a huge red ballgag and shoved it in my tiny mouth. At this point, I was struggling extremely hard. But none of my efforts gets me loose. I was yelling through my gag to get the tight chains off. He just smiled and kept snapping photos. Now I was aware this is not a professional shoot. I was being trained to be a proper submissive slave. And the photos he was shooting were to advertise how to train a superhero. I am now the one in a very ultra-submissive position. My gag talk only led to drooling and my superpowers would not set me free. The chains were my Kryptonite and I was helpless. I try again and again to talk through my gag, but it is too tight and I end up just drooling more and more. After he shoots one last photo I think I am going to be let loose, but I was wrong. I was put into his closet to await my new Master. I struggle tremendously in the closet but I can not get out. Amazing Amber is at last caught for the first time!

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