The Closet Land

Released at: September 23, 2012 by RGE-Films
Dear friends, Today we're gonna take you for a trip to our early history, to the eighties behind the Iron Curtain, when the Communist police had almost limitless power and the officers were willing to use it mainly for their own good. Two young trainees have decided to go to the youth club for a drink and chat - and it wouldn't be such fun without a bottle of wine. Though it was something strictly forbidden in such places, all people including the waiter were pretending they didn't see it - until they notice they could get into trouble. And trouble comes embodied in a police officer coming to the club to look for something he knows very well he can find in such places. And surely he finds...'show me your identity books, 'he says at the door. 'Don't you know it's forbidden to drink alcohol here?'A big problem is coming. Girls try to make excuses, but without success. The waiter denies everything, of course, he doesn't want to have problems with police, and he just watches the policeman taking the girls to the station, where everything is possible. The questioning doesn't seem any positive for the girls, sending this record to their base would ruin their future but the officer has a different plan he understands young people so he tells the first girl to get undressed and bend over. And then his belt is waiting impatiently to start dancing on her poor bare bottom. The girl doesn't even try to protest and being observed by her scared friend, she slowly pulls off all her clothes. 'Stick your bottom up properly, now you're gonna enjoy this,' he says and then the belt starts its dance the strokes fall on her bottom, wheals appear on the skin and the sound of the belt mixes together with the poor girl's screams. 'I will be a good girl...' - 'I bet you will,' thinks the policeman and continues in his action. Forty, fifty the belt keeps falling and the red butt ends up so bad, that her owner would have to lay on her belly the next few nights. Finally the belting ends but not the whole session. 'Can you do a blowjob?' Too scared from another belting, the poor girl has to do what the policeman wants. 'suck my dick, and nice till the end, girlie! Kneeling in the corner and the officer turns to the other one who has never even seen or experienced such things and will be soon given a chance to have a try but now, the first girl's mother enters the door!"Don't send this record anywhere, officer,' she says, then she turns to her daughter. 'You've got a proper thrashing, show yourself! It was not enough!' And then she bends her daughter over the knee and in front of the others she starts to spank her butt by the hard workers' hand! 'And you're gonna get even more at home!' mother says and together with the poor girl she leaves the station. And now comes the time to solve this offence with the other girl. 'Would you like to feel the wrath of the belt as well? No? Let's see... get naked!' Ashamed and afraid but naked, and policeman's hands are touching her innocent body. 'Show me what you have learnt,' he says and suddenly, the girl has her mouth full with something she has never seen before - and not only in her mouth. The officer is so excited, that he makes the poor screaming girl sit up on him. 'No, it's too big," she screams. Yes, it's big and it's too much, but finally it gets in... Completely. The girl is fucked until he's finally satisfied. But that's not yet the end of her ordeal. Right afterwards, the policeman bends the girl over his knee. 'I've forgiven you for the belt, but not the thrashing!' - And then his strong hand starts to hit the poor white bare bottom such a pain she never experienced before. She screams and begs but without success the session seems to be endless...

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