The Collector 2: Anya Olsen

Released at: October 11, 2018 by Bizarre Entertainment
Once upon a time in a dungeon far away lived a legendary Master of domination, a connoisseur of exquisite submissive perfection, an ambassador of humiliation, known only as, "The Collector". He and his evil apprentice, Master Thomas, wield infinite wealth & power, to demand total submission over any slave they choose. Searching for perfection and never being satisfied, the Collector is filled with rage and deep frustration towards his beautiful possessions. In this episode we find a haughty little bitch of a secretary to garner the attentions of the Collector. She is just the kind of little cunt with a sarcastic mouth one loves to see reduced to a groveling slave. Well for Anya Olsen that turns out to be the fate that awaits her. One morning, when her boss has had enough, he delivers her to Master Thomas. Gagged, handcuffed and striped naked leads Anya to realize her attitude is in jeopardy. All doubts are removed from her mind when she feels the first of many lashes laid on her pearly white skin. Anya is taught to suck a dick and lick a man's ass as part of her submissive training. She learns the penalty of disobedience while bound and fed a meal on her hands and knees. Finally she is reduced to a groveling obedient slave wearing the sign of a pig slut written across her chest.

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