The Core Of Kore Goddess

Released at: July 7, 2021 by MelonJuggler Productions
Many a person has tried to find the core of Kore Goddess. They want to know what motivates her to be such a cum-guzzling slut. They have delved deep to understand what drives her to be such a freak. Many a man has driven his cock deep into Kore goddess in hopes of reaching her core. Many a woman has driven her tongue deep into that pink, hairy pussy to try to reach her core. Countless loads of cum and many toys have also attempted this feat. Sadly, to date, the core of the busty Kore goddess has not been found. The challenge continues though as Kore Goddess loves nothing more than fucking and sucking. This bountiful babe commits MELONious assault on those who best satisfy her freakish desires!

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