The Day The Coach Got Spanked

Released at: September 24, 2013 by Shadow Lane
After witnessing Coach Whipple being a bad boy, Headmistress Eve takes him to task and gives him a taste of his own medicine! After admitting to slapping the girl athletes on the bottom a number of times in her view, his session begins with a traditional over the knee spanking with a hairbrush on his bare ass! Head Mistress Eve continues to mentor Coach Whipple in proper deportment around the girls' gymnastics team by using both a long and a short flogger vigorously on his already well-reddened bottom. Next, Coach gets spanked with spanking implements such as canes, whips and floggers until his ample ass is cherry red and he promises to change his lecherous ways! It is a chastened Coach who is finally told to stand facing the black board with his pants pulled down to display his belabored behind.

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