The Naughty Schoolgirl

Released at: August 14, 2021 by Mature British Lesbians
The Head master had summoned me and asked me to report to his bedroom as his study was being decorated, I don't know what I had done wrong this time but I was soon to find out, it seems CCTV had been installed and my activities behind the bike sheds had been filmed on camera so I was to get 6 of the best, I remonstrated and offered to do anything so as not to get the cane and what the head master wanted was some of what I was giving the 6th form guys behind the bike sheds, he soon had his cock out and I was soon sucking hard on it next thing I knew he took my dress off and started fingering my pussy before sliding his stiff cock deep inside me, I climbed on the bed and he fucked me hard in the doggy position, I then lay back and sucked some more on his cock while I slapped my pussy with a paddle he then throwed my legs in the air and fucked me some more before laying back so I could suck on his cock once more then I climbed aboard and rode him cowgirl then turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl while he slapped my arse with the paddle, now it was time for more doggy so I bent over and he slid his cock deep inside me next he introduced me to a vibrating wand and I rubbed it hard against my clit while I sucked his cock and fingered me. then he produced a glass dildo called the devils tongue and thrust it hard deep inside me and I soon reached a climax and squirted, but he wanted me to squirt all over his cock so I straddled him and worked the wand on my clit while he fucked me once again with the devils tongue and I soon squirted all over his stiff cock after which I licked it clean and sucked hard on his cock until he shot his full load deep in my mouth

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